Ten Second War

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Apr 20, 2015


You only have 10 seconds to eliminate all of the enemies in this strategic top down shooter. Fortunately you can rewind time in order to micromanage the war.


Control each unit individually for up to 10 seconds in this shooter, and then rewind time in order to give instructions to all of the units for the same 10 second time frame. In this way, all of your units will perform a coordinated attack and destroy all of the enemies in just a few seconds.

Generally enemy bullets can be dodged by moving constantly, while rockets will usually require you to take advantage of unique weapons like shields, bombs, and stealthed units in order to safely destroy them.
Even if a unit is dead, you can still continue to give it instructions and then when controlling another unit you can destroy the tower that previously killed it to prevent its death.

There are lots of units and levels, High scores, and a custom level editor. You can click on scores in the leaderboards to watch the associated replay.


The music is created by DST from http://nosoapradio.us/
The game is entirely created by me. You can also see it and some of my other projects on my personal website: almostmatt.com


Mouse to select a unit, WASD to move, mouse to shoot.
After you are done with a unit, press F to finish it, pick a different unit, and repeat.

April 28, 2015

Improved the behaviour when highscore save or get requests occasionally fail and fixed a bug that would cause some requests to be sent again even if the request is already waiting for a response.
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