Primal Champions

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Summoner's Legion: Rise of Mythos 2
Apr 10, 2015


In a world where ancient & legendary warriors train themselves in the style of Animals of the wild, One of these “Primal Champions” turns to the dark side. It now falls to the remaining warriors of the primal order to track him down, and bring him to justice.

Primal Champions is an immersive Turn-based, Action RPG. As each animal is different from one another, so are the fighting styles taken from them. Fight in the style of the Hawk, the Ram, The Lion and more.

Choosing 2 of the possible 6 champions, each with their own set of 4 abilities, there are endless team combinations and massive opportunity to replay the game for an all new experience.

With many unique worlds, colorful characters, imposing enemies, and a fully voiced cast, Primal Champions is a unique animalistic adventure that will excite and thrill you!


Arrow Keys: Move around the Map / Change Targets in Battle

Q: Select/ Action / Champion 1 Attack 1

W: Champion 1 Attack 2

E: Champion 1 Attack 3

R: Champion 1 Attack 4

A: Champion 2 Attack 1

S: Champion 2 Attack 2

D: Champion 2 Attack 3

F: Champion 2 Attack 4

M: Menu Screen

V: Mute sound

Esc: Exit to Title Screen

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