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Sugar, Sugar 3
Shadow of Kingdoms
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Jul 10, 2015


The hero wakes up in a world of infected dark magic and cannot remember anything, including his own name. Guide the hero in his journey to recover his memories while battling through hordes of aggressive enemies. Fight, trade, loot and complete quests to enlist the support of new allies. Who knows what secrets lay hidden in this world? Enjoy hours of exciting gameplay in this curious world of both might & magic. Control parties of up to three characters in this turn-based strategy adventure!

In the current version of the game magic is not available because we had no enough time to make the good balance. Very soon in next updates of the game we will add magic sticks and scrolls. So please don’t pass experience points on the «Wisdom». Sorry for inconvenience!


* WASD and/or Mouse - move active character.
* Q - select the next character in the party.
* R - switch between the weapon/shield slots (or Middle Button of mouse).
* E - open inventory.
* F - open equipment.
* L - open quest log.
* C - open characteristics.
* H - heal the active character.
* Space - end your turn.
* P/Esc - pause menu.

Press and hold «Shift» while you pass inventory items to other character to pass him all stack (works only if item is moved on the panel of other character).

September 10, 2015

Hello there! We glad to inform you that we have released new version of the Knighttron with minor changes. What's new in the Knighttron v1.2.0: - Added, Ukrainian language. - Added, support of the ArmorGames badges. - Changed, shortened intro scene. - Changed, camera control. Now the camera is always static and can be controlled only via keyboard (use arrow keys). - Fixed, the pause menu is now opens only during the game. - Fixed, the pause menu can not opened after the death the hero, that excludes the possibility of escape to the town without dead character. We hope that you will like this minor update. Enjoy!

July 17, 2015

Hi friends! I’m glad to tell you that we release a new version of the game with some improvements and bug fixes. In the version 1.1.0 from 17 July we made next changes: - Added slot for additional set of weapons, now you can give the character a bow and a sword/a shield once and switch between these items by pressing «R» hotkey (or Middle Button of mouse). - Added feature to heal the active character by pressing «H» hotkey. First use food and potions from the toolbar of hero and then from inventory. Firstly use items with less effect value. - Added feature to pass items by stack, just press and hold «Shift» key while you pass item (works only if you drop item to the character bar). - Added feature to mute the sounds and music before start the game. - Added a new «P/Esc» hotkey to open pause menu. - Fixed negative bonus for crit chance of «Boots of Fortune». - Fixed bug when the active hero could move away of the screen (not sure). - Fixed bug when there was regeneration of the health/mana per second in the battle mode. - Changed camera control, now movement of the camera works only if active character equipped by bow. Also decreased active area for movement of camera. - Changed, increased the count of coins and supplies of traders. - And other small changes. In the next update we are planning to improve the save system and add online saves. Also will make more comfortable inventory, add support of the Ukrainian language and other changes and fixes to make the game better! Thanks for your feedbacks and playing! :)
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