Dungeon Surge

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Hero Simulator
Let's Hunt
Aug 18, 2015


Fight monsters, complete quests and rescue kittens in this exciting RPG Runner!

All of our kittens have been kit-napped! Only you are noble and foolish enough to try an attempt at rescuing them all. Try to slay the big evil lava goat that lives in the center of the planet while you're down there, too. We can't pay you for your efforts, but we do have a fancy coffin lined up for you in the event that we can find what remains of your carcass. Good luck! :3


Mouse/ touch controlled. Full instructions in-game.

August 14, 2015

v3 changelog: 1. Fixed pause/help screen bug during tutorial level. 2. Fixed display order of help pages. 3. Numerous minor text edits.

August 11, 2015

Dungeon surge v2 changelog: 1. Fixed flicker on lost kitten text. 2. Added "Stackable." to venom potion description. 3. Fixed minor bugs with achievement unlocking. 4. Fixed display bug with player health text. 5. Numerous minor text edits.

August 5, 2015

v0.1 version for review: Changelog: 1. Fixed text flicker bug. 2. Added negative status effect descriptions to help section. 3. Increased potion drops by 25% in hard mode and 50% in infinite mode. 4. Increased starting mana gains per level from +10 to +25. 5. Strength potion description updated. 6. Achievement rewarding for lower difficulties after beating higher difficulties fixed. 7. Defence stances blocks special attacks 90% of the time rather than 75%. 8. Minor bug fixed with attack stat achievements. 9. Numeric values added on player HP bar. 10. Minor credits fixes. 11. Armor and Wesley Jue credits added to credits page. 12. A number of minor text edits.
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