World's End Chapter 2

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G-Switch 2
Forest Story
Aug 10, 2015


The darkly comedic strategy RPG continues. Guide Tevoran and Company and their dubious new allies against bizarre creatures and environmental hazards. Enrage and confuse your enemies, throw exploding obstacles, and roundhouse-kick your way to questionable victory.

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Mezzanine Stairs


Mouse-based controls. See in-game instructions for further details.

September 9, 2015

September 9th Update: Skills can now be forgotten between battles to reallocate points. Added the option to automatically skip cutscenes, rebalanced some skills and fixed most known bugs. Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

Recent Edits

  • Chapter 3 Walkthrough Thumbnail
    Chapter 3 Walkthrough
    Anyone can edit this page! Feel free to add your own strategies for each battle, skill...
  • Chapter 3 Items
    Ecthanian Sickle Plague Mask
  • Chapter 3 Secrets Thumbnail
    Chapter 3 Secrets
    In the Voronese Wilderness, Hills battle, there is a cabin that can be searched, however the...
  • Chapter 1 Secrets Thumbnail
    Chapter 1 Secrets
    In Thugs' Warehouse - Inner Chamber fight stand over the trap door at the upper-right corner of...

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    Chapter 2 Secrets
    In the Tiervan Jail, Central Chamber battle, there are several doors which upon being searched...
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    Chapter 1 Enemy Unit Stats
    Weapon: Dagger Armor: Thug Outfit Weapon: Dagger Armor: Thug Outfit
  • Chapter 2 Soundtrack Thumbnail
    Chapter 2 Soundtrack
    The soundtrack can be downloaded for free in lossy MP3 format directly from Mezzanine Stairs. It...
  • Chapter 2 Synopsis Thumbnail
    Chapter 2 Synopsis
    The exploits of Tevoran and Company continue in World's End Chapter 2. Warning: Spoilers Ahead...
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