The Adventures Of Mental Confusion - Jam 1: The Curse

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Dec 8, 2015


12/5/19: Fixed cutscenes not working anymore due to the deprecation of the YouTube API.
4/18/16: Fixed cutscenes not playing on Firefox.

Based on the real adventures of the members of 'Mental Confusion', T.A.O.M.C. will send you on a journey full of insane riddles, crazy characters and mad dialogue that will drive you nuts and leave you totally bonkers.

Video Walkthrough:

Thanks to for a great review of our game! One love!

+ Point & click nostalgia: inspired by oldschool adventure games like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle.
+ Around 800 speech files, professionally recorded at the real-life Soundborn Studio in Vienna.
+ Original music that matches the locations and conversations, also created by the real-life band Mental Confusion.
+ Handmade frame-by-frame animations and graphics, made with love and dedication.
+ Cutscenes with real-life footage, filmed and edited by Soundborn Media Productions.
+ You can save the game at any given time and at some points there are autosaves.
+ Options: sound, speech and music volume, mute function, fullscreen-mode and quality are adjustable.
+ Based on true events: TAOMC is linked to our crew and to our album "The Curse of Mental Confusion" (
+ A voodoo lady.

Mental Games is a very small team from Vienna, Austria and was started by two artists formerly known as 'The ReAnimator' and 'Phunky Dee'. In the past they brought you $wag and other demented games. You can find them at their website:


Point & click with the mouse.
Keyboard for text input.

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