Cyndre Phase

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Mar 15, 2016


Cyndre Phase is a futuristic action game in which you defend your base from a continuous flow of enemy rockets.
The game is designed around the idea of "three". There are three levels, each level has three waves, with three enemy types per level, three types of power-ups, and three over-lapping combo-systems.
Each type of enemy rocket has its own unique mechanic and behaviour, and the group of three on each level is designed to compliment each other, allowing for creative use of the combo-systems to score points.

The game has three combo systems which are all in play simultaneously:
• multi-combo: when two or more rockets are destroyed with the same shot, their point-value is multiplied. (ie. If you destroy 3 rockets with a single shot, the value of each individual rocket is multiplied by 3)
• sequence-combo: your points are also multiplied if you destroy many rockets in consecutive shots without missing. (ie. if you destroy 20 consecutive rockets, the total value of those rockets will be increased in accordance with the number of destroyed rockets)
• accuracy-combo: each time you destroy a rocket, you only keep a fraction of its total value: the same percentage as that of your overall accuracy. (ie. if you destroy a rocket worth 100points having missed 30% of your previous shots, the rocket will be worth 70points).

Enemies are designed to complement this combo system. Some rockets are designed to be easy to pair up into multi-combos, while some are designed to make sequence-combos more difficult.
Accuracy-combos are the most important way of getting a high score. A play-style focused on accuracy will necessarily be slower and calmer, giving you space to think and to concentrate. This in turn will allow you to make better decisions on good combos.
Gameplay tips:
• Only ever shoot when you know your shot will connect. This is the fastest way to build up accuracy.
• Fire individual shots at specific rockets whenever possible, instead of spamming lots of shots.
• Don't be afraid to wait until a rocket gets very close before you shoot it. This is a good way to get multi-combos.
• For rockets that take more than one shot to destroy, try and make the final shot also include another rocket.
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-AIM: Cursor
-SHOOT: Click
-PAUSE: Shift
-Quality: 1, 2, 3 sets the render quality. Lower it if gameplay is slow

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