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Mar 10, 2016


Like the song says, good guys finish last, and in this case, they also finish homeless and on fire. Join up with Bob our local Necromancer and his cohort of evil buddies to raise some proverbial and litteral hell across the kingdom of... Good... land... Goodlandia... yeah, that's what we're going with. Use all your evilitude ruin these poor fella's day and establish yourself as the baddest of all the badasses in your corner of the fiery pit of hell. And if you think that doing that isn't evil enough, how about some corporate management abuse? Con your monsters into doing your work for you so you can sit back and reap the reward of their labor.


Explained in-game

March 23, 2018

Nightmare mode! 💀 Additional Death Medals added! 💀 Arcane Battery max level increased! 💀 Several bug fixes

February 5, 2018

New event world, Pleasure Island! 💀 3 new Unique items can be found in the shop, one of them is a new mechanic! 💀 Major optimizations included in this update! 💀 Bonuses are now being cached as opposed to constantly being re-calculated! 💀 New Max Buy button math should make the game super smooth!

December 15, 2017

New Event System! 💀 Free devil deals during Christmas week! 💀 New Death Medals! 💀 Optimizations! 💀 Tons of bug fixes!

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    Fireaxe of Fire
    The Fireaxe of Fire is a unique item added alongside the Sack of Skulls in the v1.03.038 update...
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    "STUFF. STUFF IS GOOD. STUFF MAKE ME STRONG! BUY STUFF." - The Red Knight Items provide bonuses...

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