Arc of Templar

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Feb 5, 2016


Gather the templars!

Evil forces have corrupted the castle and it is up to you to purify it from the main hall, through the courtyard and to the field outside the castle gates. Choose your hero: the Color Mage or the Striker! As you level up, you can customize your templar's abilities with powerful skill and supporting templars will join the cause including the Bladeling assassin and the sacred Elven spirit! Lead your team to destroy the enemy forces and slay the demon leader!

Discover the Arc of Templar by Goody Gameworks.


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Slay the incoming demon by using various skills set to your templar.
Experience earned on slaying them will unlock additional skill to bring
even more awesome skills!
Each subsequent stage, Captain templar companion are available to recruit.

Navigate menus, aim skills and set supporting templars' line of position with the mouse.
W,A,S,D and arrow keys to move the player templar.
1,2,3,4,5 to activate skills.
P to pause the game.
Space to open the skills tab.

February 11, 2016

-Fix bug where bosses can be pushed back by some skills. -Fix minor visual error.

February 9, 2016

-Increase main templar health points. -Increase wall health points. -Reduce the damage of Fannon, Skeleton Burner, and Bane. -Nomnom bunny will stop healing when player stepping on invulnerable tile. -Fix Hell Launcher not-attacking bug. -Fix skill tree bug.
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