Night At The Colosseum

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Dungeon Punks
Nov 4, 2016


A story about an intern tour guide named Greg who randomly traveled to another dimension where gladiator spirits are trapped. Guided by General Gaius, the protector, Greg must go to the lowest levels of the Colosseum to find a way back to our realm.


Explained in-game

November 27, 2016

Hi guys! The largest patch of NatC (version 1.1.2) is finally released :) Countless bugs are squashed, performance (especially forging) is optimized, and balance is, more balanced? We're really sorry for keeping you waiting (I try to stay positive) since we adjusted the game to be ready for Windows/Steam release. So, if you think we are doing the right thing and the game should be developed further, more story, items, upgrades, and gimmicks, please vote us on : Your vote means a lot for us :) Have a nice weekend!

November 13, 2016

Hi guys, version 1.1.1 is uploaded! Can't accommodate all of your various feedback. But so far these are the best we can do: - Clearer instructions on forging tutorial - Level summary and confirmation before continuing to next level - Removing elemental law and blink/teleport skills now can be toggled on/off - Favorite list item can be removed by dragging it out - More friendly dialogue appearance on cut-scenes - Escape to close (x button in gameplay) clue - Pure attack for bosses so it could be more challenging - Button item and skill on gameplay glitch is fixed Thanks for playing and commenting guys! You're awesome!

November 12, 2016

Hi guys! First patch is released :) - Hotkey & dragging icon glitches are fixed - Inventory insight is removed so it won't be confusing - Clues when altar hits deadlock - Upgrade window has its own button Please let me know anything you feel inappropriate from the game. We'll do our best!
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