The Labyrinth

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Jun 21, 2017


Note: The game runs at 1024x768, if you have a display window smaller than these dimensions the game will cut off. If your display window is exactly 1024x768 you'll have to play in fullscreen mode to see the entire game

The Labyrinth is a text-based dungeon crawler with a heavy emphasis on combat and looting. You take control of a party of four adventurers as they attempt to go into a cursed dungeon that has endlessly sent hoards of monsters to terrorize the surface world.

With 16 playable classes and 25+ enemy classes, each with their own 9 unique spells and countless combinations of items, every run is sure to bring something different than the last. The game also has a seeded randomness feature, so you can play the same run multiple times or play with friends using the same seed.


The mouse can control every aspect of the game.

F11 toggles fullscreen

When in combat the keyboard can be used to issue commands:

- When an action is not prepared, numbers 1-8 select the corresponding entity (up-down, left-right in that order), "A" prepares an attack, "Q,W,E,R" prepares the corresponding spell (left-right, up-down in that order), and "S" skips the turn.

- When preparing an attack/spell, numbers 1-8 selects the corresponding target (up-down, left-right in that order) and "C" cancels.

- At any time left+right can be used to flip through the combat log, and up-down can be used to flip through the statistics/buffs/debuffs screens.

December 30, 2017

Quick Jolly Man nerf. Miracle now has a 50% chance to activate instead of a guarantee activation.

December 21, 2017

Just a small holiday patch!
  • Fixed the Duelist's Titan Takedown first upgrade not working until you buy the second one
  • Fixed the Dragon Slayer's Drink Their Blood granting a negative heal
  • Nerfed the Necromancer's unique weapon, Spirit Stealer, Health and Mana Steal chance to 25% from 50%

December 20, 2017

Patch 0.8 - Holiday The Labyrinth has become a winter wonderland! A new boss, new item room, and new items have been added for a short period! Also, I've changed the way Status Effects reduce their cooldowns. Now the cooldown is based on the turns that the SOURCE applies the effect. So if an Enemy Stuns you for 1 turn, the Stun won't immediately remove when your turn starts, but when the Enemy starts their next turn Bugfixes
  • Combat doesn't roll over an additional turn when it ends
  • Fixed Pierce Damage being reduced by Armor (surprisingly this was a difficult fix)
  • Fixed the Nature Guardian Overgrowth Revive applying even if he didn't buy the second upgrade
  • Fixed the Arcane Hunter's Mana Surge Infinite breaking the game
  • Fixed the Arcane Mage's Deeper Knowledge Passive granting less and less Maximum Mana every time you loaded the game
  • Fixed the Cannibalism Weapon Special (giving 50% Lifesteal but preventing other Heal types) making certain Heals not work (for instance, after-combat revives and full party heals on combat defeat)
  • Added the Holiday Room. It grants you 1 of the 7 new exclusive Holday Items. Each item has an effect and a holiday-themed style! These rooms are relatively rare, but can spawn at any point in the run
  • Added a new Boss, the Jolly Man. He's a Mage whose spells revolve around making your party smell nice! Each active spell (except his last one) has an effect and makes your party smell a certain way, like mint or hot chocolate or pine. He then casts Scent Elf to spawn an Elf enemy that has different abilities depending on the current scent! The Jolly Man can spawn at any point in your run, so watch out!
  • Added the Scent Elves and the Jolly Man's unique items! I won't go into specifics but they're all really really cool!
  • Snowflakes are falling! They shouldn't impact performance as they don't spawn too frequently, but you can disable them in the options menu if you wish
  • The background has a more blue tint to make things seem a bit more icy
  • Listeners that convert change types (for instance, converting Attack Damage Dealt to Spell Damage) now always activate AFTER all other listeners for the old change type. This now means things like Damage Buffs apply their increase to the damage before it's converted (there was an issue where the Marauder's Shatter wasn't dealing nearly enough damage because the Divine Damage didn't account for Damage Buffs)
  • Status Effects no longer reduce their duration when the Target starts their turn, but now when the Source starts their turn. This allows for 1 turn stuns/silences/disarms to take affect. As a result I've nerfed some stuns from spells/items as technically they last longer now
  • Reduced the Tower Knight's unique weapon, Warhammer, Stun Duration to 1 turn from 2
  • Reduced the Assassin's Sharp Blade Damage to 100% (65% initial + 35% upgrade) from 135% (120% initial + 15% upgrade)
  • Reduced the Ninja's Shadow Strike Pierce Damage to 115% (100% initial + 15% upgrade) from 150% (130% initial + 20% upgrade)
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