The Labyrinth

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Jun 21, 2017


Note: The game runs at 1024x768, if you have a display window smaller than these dimensions the game will cut off. If your display window is exactly 1024x768 you'll have to play in fullscreen mode to see the entire game

The Labyrinth is a text-based dungeon crawler with a heavy emphasis on combat and looting. You take control of a party of four adventurers as they attempt to go into a cursed dungeon that has endlessly sent hoards of monsters to terrorize the surface world.

With 16 playable classes and 25+ enemy classes, each with their own 9 unique spells and countless combinations of items, every run is sure to bring something different than the last. The game also has a seeded randomness feature, so you can play the same run multiple times or play with friends using the same seed.


The mouse can control every aspect of the game.

F11 toggles fullscreen

When in combat the keyboard can be used to issue commands:

- When an action is not prepared, numbers 1-8 select the corresponding entity (up-down, left-right in that order), "A" prepares an attack, "Q,W,E,R" prepares the corresponding spell (left-right, up-down in that order), and "S" skips the turn.

- When preparing an attack/spell, numbers 1-8 selects the corresponding target (up-down, left-right in that order) and "C" cancels.

- At any time left+right can be used to flip through the combat log, and up-down can be used to flip through the statistics/buffs/debuffs screens.

December 9, 2017

Patch 0.8 We're inching closer and closer to full release! This patch overhauls all passive benefits from spells, showing them in a new Spell Effects screen during combat so there's no more confusion as to why an enemy's attacks or spells did something different! This patch introduces the final Warrior enemy. All of the planned Warriors are now in the game! Mages and Rogues both have one more, and Archers have two more left. Almost there! I've also overhauled the Shaman. His abilities and concept is simple, he's a weak healer at the start of the game but can be one of the most powerful allies at the end. I made his spells more complex, but kept the original concept of him being relatively weak in the early game but once you get upgrades he can be incredibly powerful Due to the major changes to Infinite/Passive spells, your old save might not load properly. If the game is unable to load (even if you force load), you might be unable to load and have to restart. If that's the case then I really do apologize! Bugfixes:
  • Fixed the issue where you can still get Revived even if you have a debuff that specifically restricts it
  • Fixed Listeners that would activate twice if you were both the target and the source of a change
  • Fixed the Marauder's Infinite Spell Thief not working properly
  • Added the Cursed Warrior. He's a Warrior enemy whose spells revolve around more traditional Warrior abilities. He has an assortment of both damaging, debuffing, and buffing abilities. He's part of the Cursed line-up of enemies, and as such his passives grant him a large buff to damage at the cost of losing health per turn. He has a spawn of 66, meaning you won't see him until you're two-thirds of the way through your run
  • Added caps to Offhands. Now each type cannot go above a certain threshold (for instance, Clubs cap out at 50% Cripple)
  • Added the Cursed Room. This is a room that affects your party with a Debuff for the next combat encounter, making it slightly harder
  • There's a new tab in the Statistics page in combat specifically for the overhauled Spell effects
  • I tweaked Enemy Infinite Spell numbers while working through them, not too much to warrent making a huge list to each small change. But I rounded off some numbers to make everything seem more balanced. I am putting all Player spell changes no matter how insignificant as those affect you much more directly though
  • The Shaman's Debilitate second upgrade now reduces the Duration of Buffs the Target has by 2 turns on top of the Debuff Duration increase
  • The Shaman's Mass Heal no longer has an upgrade to increase the Heal on the Main Target, instead his second upgrade now Restores 20% of each Allies' Missing Mana (half as effective for the Shaman himself)
  • The Shaman's Revive second upgrade now increases the Heal by 25% (for a total of 60% with all upgrades) if the Ally has at least 100 Mana and spends that Mana. If the Ally has less than 100 Health, the bonus Heal doesn't apply
  • The Blood Mage's Health Fountain now grants bonus Maximum Health based on Constitution instead of Intelligence
  • The Blood Mage's Soul Tap now grants +0.35% Missing Health Heal per turn per level instead of +0.01% Health Regen per Intelligence per level
  • The Marauder's Thief Infinite grants +2 Gold gain per level, but the Health Threshold has been reduced to 35% from 50%
  • Changed the Hunter's Eye Gouge Passive. I felt it was a bit overly complicated, so I streamlined the ability. It now grants a 35% Blind (20% initial + 15% upgrade) from 50% (25% initial + 25% upgrade if the Target had less than 40% accuracy). Its second upgrade now grants a 50% chance to Bleed by 20% for the duration
  • Changed the name of the Arcane Mage's Infinite Spell Soulsteal. Since Soulsteal is Mana recovery on Attack, the name was wrong. The spell is now called Spiritsteal, which is the term for Mana recovery on Cast (in line with what the spell actually does)
  • The Banshee's Infused Claws now Blind on Cast instead of on Attack
  • Changed the Elder's Spell names so they weren't as long
  • Overhauled all Passive/Infinite Spell effects. For all classes (allies and enemies), you can see these passive benefits in combat
  • Overhauled the Shaman. His main spells have stayed relatively the same but with some major tweaks here and there. His spell costs have gone up, I've made him more reliant on Mana by removing the Channel Energy Passive and moving it to an Infinite Spell that increases either Mana Regen, Intelligence, or Max Mana per level. In place of the old Passive Spell Channel Energy is Overheal (which used to be an Infinite Spell), which increases Maximum Health on Heal
  • Increased the Templar's Mana Fountain Passive Maximum Mana per Constitution to 5 (3 initial + 2 upgrade) from 4 (2 initial + 2 upgrade)
  • Increased the Dragon Slayer's Open Wounds Infinite Missing Health Damage per level to 1% from 0.5%
  • Increased the Knight's Titan Infinite Maximum Health Damage per level to 0.75% from 0.5%
  • Increased the Arcane Mage's Deeper Knowledge Passive bonus Mana per Intelligence to 7 (4 initial + 3 upgrade) from 6 (3 initial + 3 upgrade)
  • Increased the Sharpshooter's Blinding Strike Infinite Blind to 35% from 25%
  • The Ninja's Evasive Infinite Spell Health Threshold increased to 25% from 20%
  • The Bandit's Quick Hands now Steals 250 Gold from 35
  • Decreased the Arcane Mage's Spell Amplify Infinite bonus Spell Damage to 35% from 50%
  • The Shaman's Death Hex Damage is reduced to 100% (65% initial + 35% upgrade) from 125% (75% initial + 50% upgrade)
  • The Shaman's Death Hex no longer deals Divine Damage, it instead deals Spell Damage but has an upgrade that grants a 50% chance to convert the Damage to Divine each turn
  • The Shaman's Revive initial Revive reduced to 35% (20% initial + 15% upgrade) from 50% (30% initial + 20% upgrade)
  • The Shaman's Spirit's Blessing no longer grants a % chance to make a Spell Cast free, it instead grants a % chance to reduce the cost by 50%

September 20, 2017

Patch 0.7 I've finally been able to get around to add more enemies! Now all Warrior, Mage, and Rogue bosses have been added into the game. I'm still working on Archer bosses because the last one is a little tricky This patch also has somewhat of an overhaul of many spells across both enemies and players. Many spells have had minor number tweaks, and some have had complete reworks! Read below for more information Bugfixes
  • Fixed enemies instantly dying on the start of combat if your party level was greater than 100
  • Fixed (hopefully for the last time) Status Effects that change a true/false value not reverting properly if you have mutliple effects that change that stat
  • Fixed Offhands not updating their multipliers properly when scaled (for instance, a Club would say it applies a 10% cripple but it would only apply a 5%)
  • Fixed the Experience Gain Offhand Special granting too much Experience when it activated
  • Fixed item specials that increase a stat sometimes not displaying the stat change on their description (only visual, the item still granted the stat bonus)
  • Fixed the Blacksmith room issues with negative gold costs and duplicate item choices
  • Fixed some Offhands not applying their effect ever (looking at you, Clubs)
  • Fixed the Dragon Slayer's Drink Their Blood applying the wrong buff when you unlock it
  • Fixed the Dragon Slayer's Slay second upgrade description problems
  • Fixed the Flesh Eater never casting Cannibalism nor Blood Conversion
  • Fixed the Deathbringer's Harvest healing for more than it was supposed to
  • Fixed the Ninja's Concealment Shroud Duration Increase not working properly
  • Fixed the Hunter's Jugular Strike first upgrade actually lowering the Hemorrhage multiplier instead of increasing it
  • Fixed the Hunter's Ensnare second upgrade reducing Quickness by a flat 35 instead of by 35%
  • Fixed the Sharpshooter's Zero In Expose mutliplier description issues
  • Added the Chrono Keeper. He's a Mage boss with an emphasis on time. He always starts combat with his 4 actives unlocked regardless of his level as the interaction between them all is unique. He can only cast Start the Clock first, and after a couple turns he can then cast the next spell, then the next, and so on until after 9 total turns he casts Out of Time which can devastate your party. He has a spawn of 66, meaning you'll only see him when you're two-thirds of the way through your run
  • Added the Chrono Keeper's unique weapon, Time Ebb. This increases Quickness by 25 and grants a 50% chance to reduce Maximum Health by 15% on Cast (permanently)
  • Added the Elder. He's a Rogue boss with an emphasis on class-based targeting. Each ability targets one of the Main classes (Warriors, Mages, Rogues, or Archers), granting special bonuses if he targets the right class. For instance, Warrior's Knowledge deals bonus Damage if he targets a Warrior. He has a spawn of 66, meaning you'll only see him when you're two-thirds of the way through your run
  • Added the Elder's unique weapon, Wrath. It increases the Elder's Damage Dealt for a few turns after dealing Attack Damage, stacking up to 5 times or 75% total bonus Damage Dealt
  • Added combined Damage Status Effects so things like Damage Reduction/Buffs/Exposes/Weakens aren't split between 2 Attack and Spell effects (takes up less space on the Buffs/Debuffs screen in combat)
  • Changed the description of the Burning and Freezing weapon specials to more clearly define what they do. Burning Burns and Exposes (a Burn is damage over time based on weapon damage), and Freezing Slows and Disarms
  • Changed the Skeleton Knights (Necromancer's minions). Their spells now cost Health as a measure to try to cut down their early-game strength if you encounter lots of them at once
  • Changed the Skeleton Knight's Iron Bones. Instead of providing an Attack Damage Buff/Reduction initially it provides a general 20% Damage Reduction Buff. Its first upgrade increases this to 35% and its second upgrade provides a Damage Buff equal to the current percent
  • Changed the numbers on the Thrall's Relentless. His Accuracy is set to 50% (regardless of its original value, the second upgrade increases this to 65%), but the Damage Buff increased to 75% (50% initial + 25% upgrade) from 35% (20% initial + 15% upgrade). The spell also now Silences the Thrall for the duration
  • Changed the second upgrade of the Tower Knight's Pulverize. Instead of Crippling the target, the spell instead converts the Maximum Health Damage to Divine Damage
  • Changed the Berserker's Equalizer to make it more streamlined. It no longer has a Current Health Percentage cap, it Heals the Berserker by 35% of his Maximum Health (20% initial + 15% upgrade) and deals Divine Damage to the Target equal to 35% of their Maximum Health (20% initial + 15% upgrade) if the Berserker has a lower Current Health Percent than the Target, but it's half effective against Bosses
  • Changed the second upgrade of the Templar's Cleanse. It now increases the Mana Costs of Enemy casts by 50% for 3 turns instead of Silencing for 3 turns
  • Changed the White Mage's Rejuvination. It now applies its Mana Rejeneration on all allies instead of just a single target. The regeneration multipler also increased to 50% (30% initial + 20% upgrade) from just a flat 35%. The second upgrade reduces the regeneration spread to 3 turns from 5 turns
  • Changed the Arcane Hunter's Soul Swap. I feel the spell was pretty useless and the Arcane Hunter never really seemed to use it. The spell is more streamlined and it focuses on swapping Health initially instead of Mana. This makes it a unique sort of Healing spell that he can use to sustain himself in combat longer
  • Changed the Assassin's Quell the Weak. Instead of Exposing targets with less Health than you the spell now Exposes if the enemy is below 50% health. The expose is now a total expose (Attack and Spell damage) as opposed to just an Attack expose. Its second upgrade now sets the target's Health to 50% if they're between 50% and 75%
  • Changed the Duelist's Titan Takedown. Its first upgrade (dealing bonus damage to bosses) has moved to its second upgrade, and its first upgrade now reduces the Missing Health threshold by 15 (meaning the instant kill chance increases quicker)
  • Changed the Jester's active abilities targeting. Instead of raw numbers (choosing two random allies, two random enemies, etc.), the spells now target "half" available targets rounding down (except if there's only 1 target), so if there's 4 available targets then the spell will affect 2, or if there's 2 available targets the spell will target 1
  • Changed the Jester's Laughing Fit. It now gives the health and mana regen to only half of all allies instead of health regen to one half and mana regen to the other half. Its second upgrade reduces the health and mana regen of half of enemies to 0% for the duration
  • Changed the Jester's Uncertainty first upgrade. Instead of dealing half damage to enemies not struck initially it instead gives a 50% chance to convert the initial damage to Pierce (it no longer can hit all enemies)
  • Changed the Herbalist's Experimental Potion. It now chooses only a random 3 bonuses from the original list (Damage Buff, Shield, Accuracy, Crit Chance, Quickness, and Instant Kill Chance/Debuff Resist with the second upgrade), but the buffs percentages increased to 35% (20% intial + 15% upgrade) from 25% (15% inital + 10% upgrade)
  • Changed the Herbalist's Poisonous Armor. It now has a base 35% chance to activate, and the first upgrade no longer increases the chance but instead increases the Poison multiplier by 5% (for up to 15% total). The second upgrade also no longer applies an additional Poison when you're below 35% health but instead gets another 35% chance to apply a Bleed (not dependent on your health)
  • Changed the Hellbringer's Melting Armor. Its main effect now either reduces every enemies' Armor by up to 30, capped when their Armor equals 0. Its first upgrade increases the Armor reduction by 20. Its second upgrade deals Spell Damage to each Enemy equal to 2.5 times their Armor (before reduction)
  • Moved the Health Regen numbers on the Herbalist's Natural Resistance. You still get 7.5% total Health Regen, but it's split between 4.5% initial + 3% upgrade from 3.75% initial + 3.75% upgrade
  • The Hunter's Beast Hunter second upgrade Cripple no longer has a cap and instead Cripples the target by a flat 20%
  • Changed the Hunter's Critter Hunter. Instead of Exposing when the enemy has less Health than you, it Exposes if you target an enemy that's either alone or has the lowest health of all current enemies. As a result the total expose no longer works off of a percent increase per percent health change and is a flat 25%
  • Working off of above, Critter Hunter now adds a Bounty debuff for 3 turns, where if you kill the enemy while Bounty persists the killer Heals by 20% of their Maximum Health. Critter Hunter's first upgrade now increased the Heal to 35%, and the second upgrade provides a Mana Restore equal to the current Heal percent
  • The Sharpshooter's Zero In no longer applies its effects if you target a single enemy (such as a single boss with no minions or one enemy alive with all other enemies dead), but its total expose multiplier increased to 50% from 35%
  • Moved the Accuracy numbers on the Sharpshooter's Steady Aim. You still get 30% Accuracy, but it's split between 20% inital + 10% upgrade instead of 15% initial + 15% upgrade
  • Increased the Knight's On Your Feet Heal to 35% (20% inital + 15% upgrade) from 25% (15% inital + 10% upgrade)
  • Increased the Thrall's Powerful Hit initial Damage to 150% from 140%
  • Increased the Flesh Eater's Hunger second upgrade Constitution increase on Kill to 10 from 7
  • Increased the White Mage's Divine Touch second upgrade Damage Shield duration to 3 turns from 2
  • Increased the Herbalist's Herbal Remedy Heal to 50% (30% initial + 20% upgrade) from 35% (20% initial + 15% upgrade)
  • Reduced the Herbalist's Herbal Remedy Heal duration to 4 turns from 5 (since the heal is spread over the duration, a smaller duration gives more healing per turn)
  • Increased the Hunter's Jugular Strike second upgrade Damage Weaken to 3 turns from 2
  • The Master Archer's Final Shot bonus Damage deals Pierce Damage instead of Attack Damage
  • Reduced the Behemoth's Unrelenting Force Damage Reduction per stack to 10% (6.5% initial + 3.5% upgrade) from 15% (10% inital + 5% upgrade)
  • Reduced the Behemoth's Unrelenting Force Damage Dealt per stack to 7.5% from 10%
  • Increased the Thrall's Powerful Hit Damage Weaken duration to 3 turns (5 initial - 2 upgrade) from 2 (4 initial - 2 upgrade)
  • Increased the Shield Wall's Raise Shield Damage Dealt Debuff to 25% (50% initial - 25% upgrade) from 15% (25% initial - 10% upgrade)
  • Increased the Shield Wall's Lower Shield Damage Expose Debuff to 25% (50% initial - 25% upgrade) from 15% (25% initial - 10% upgrade)
  • Increased the White Mage's Rejuvination Mana Cost to 100 from 50
  • Increased the Corrupted Mage's Give Corruption Damage to 85% from 65% (this is a nerf since the spell damages an ally)
  • Reduced the Fallen Angel's Reckoning Max Health Damage to 40% (25% inital + 15% upgrade) from 50% (30% initial + 20% upgrade)
  • Reduced the Gatekeeper's unique Offhand, Fragitily, Spell Damage Dealt to 35% from 50%
  • Reduced the Necromancer's Dread Damage to 100% from 125%
  • Reduced the Banshee's Painful Screech damage to 75% (50% initial + 25% upgrade) from 80% (65% initial + 15% upgrade)
  • Reduced the Assassin's Weak Point second upgrade Crit Chance buff to 15% from 25%
  • Increased the Assassin's Quell the Weak cooldown to 5 turns from 3
  • Increased the Assassin's Quell the Weak Mana Cost to 40 from 35
  • Reduced the Assassin's Killing Strike Instant Kill Chance per level to 0.25% from 0.3%
  • Reduced the Jester's Unsettling Gaze Damage Reduction to 50% (30% initial + 20% upgrade) from 75% (50% initial + 25% upgrade)
  • Reduced the Jester's Uncertainty Damage to 65% from 75%
  • Reduced the Hunter's Critter Hunter damage to 65% from 100%
  • Increased the duration of the Hunter's Critter Hunter to 5 turns from 3
  • Increased the Mana Cost of the Hunter's Critter Hunter to 50 from 35

August 27, 2017

This is just a small patch to address some issues before I release 0.7 in a few weeks Bugfixes:
  • Fixed one final boss instantly dying when combat started
  • Fixed the Behemoth's Primal Rage upgrades not working properly
  • Fixed some description issues on the true final boss' spells
  • Fixed the Behemoth's unique item, Bone Breaker, spawning in your inventory at the start of a new game
  • Fixed Status Effects that stack being able to go above their maximum limit
  • Fixed Attention not removing instances of Attention Untargetables (for instance, if two Shield Walls cast Wall Off then the Shield Wall that cast it more recently will be targetable instead of both Shield Walls being untargetable)
  • Fixed the Sharpshooter's Steady Aim second upgrade incrementally lowering your Critical Strike Chance every time you load the game
  • Added extra text to stacking effects in combat, the effect description now says the current amount of stacks and the maximum amount of stacks allowed
  • Reduced the Lifebreaker's Mark for Death initial Damage to 100% (80% initial + 20% upgrade) to 115% (100% initial + 15% upgrade)
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