ZS Dead Detective vs Nine Deaths Cat

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Death Chase
Holyday City Reloaded
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Oct 24, 2017


A new installment in the “Zombie Society Dead Detective” series.

Will Margh and Ghvnn be able to stop the Nine Deaths Cat, the greatest thief in all of Zombie Society, from succesfully stealing his new target?
The thief is so sure they won't, that he event sent a message with some clue in it!
It's up to you to prove him wrong!


Explained in-game

October 24, 2017

Another note: if you encounter a bug that will freeze the game at the loading screen, there are three working methods to fix it. Method 1 - Switch to Google Chrome; Method 2 - Update your flash plugin; Method 3 - Turn on your cookies You first go to your browser settings, then go to content settings, and after that click the “Cookies”, and there’s going to be a list of 3 items: “Allow sites to save and read cookie data” if that’s off, turn it on; next is “Keep local data only until you quit your browser”, disable that; and last is "Block third-party cookies, you HAVE to disable that if you want to play most games Have fun!

October 24, 2017

Hello guys! Many of you lamented that the game would freeze after the first quest... I've looked it up, and I *think* I've found a solution, so I've uploaded a new version with the fix. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope you'll have fun!
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