Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters

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Feb 22, 2018


Simple and addictive gameplay!
This game doesn't require a lot of time: the characters explore dungeons and fight enemies while you're offline. All you need to do is check on them from time to time.

Dungeon Crusher has lots of daily activities, tons of skills, PvP, crafting, and over 1000 levels!
Enjoy Story Mode, fight Legendary Bosses, and fight in the Arena!


Click on the enemies to attack.
Click on upgrades to purchase them for your hero.

June 6, 2018

What's new in 3.4.1: - Added new currency - Shards of the Void. Players can now purchase premium heroes (Whispers, Angels & etc) using the new currency. - New daemons unlocked which can be purchased with the shards as well. - If a second (third, etc) premium hero drops from a pack then an equivalent number of shards of the void is added instead. Useless premium heroes' shards have been converted to the shards of the void in the inventory. - Fixed a bug with the chat not scrolling automatically to the new chat messages. - Changing the minimum join level of a clan doesn't lead to a disconnect anymore.

May 25, 2018

What's new in 3.4: - Added a dedicated menu for managing mines. - Introduced ghost clans: a clan becomes a ghost if the clan leader is not active for more than 2 months. A ghost clan can't be joined, clan science bonuses become zeroed. - Minimum level to join a clan is now depended on the clan science progress. - Improved clan search & management screens. - Added new heroes (and corresponding recipes) after Necrophagists. - Added new mines beyond level 4000 with greater rewards. - Tuned rating awards: clan awards decreased a bit, personal awards increased instead. Top clan awards require more points now. - Decreased number of hyperspheres needed for some heroes' recipes.

April 25, 2018

What's new in 3.3: - Added multi-crafting capability. Now you can put items for several recipes and craft everything in one turn. - Fixed bugs with multi-item recipes. - Simplified discovery for recipes with more than 4 ingredients. It is now enough to guess 4 ingredients out of 6 to discover a recipe. - Improvement and optimization of crafting UI. - Greatly improved in-game mail UI. - Significantly increased prizes for weekly clan ranking achievements. - Fixed a bug with losing a valuable prize after opening an arena mystical chest if a disconnect or the game reload occurs. - Added new green crystal packs of heroes to the bank. - Two completely new science trees added. - Altar grades are now visible. - The 60 hours Grand Time Travel option added to the bank.

Recent Edits

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    Patch Notes
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  • Shop Thumbnail
    Shop is the place where the player can buy consumable and non-consumable items for real money or...
  • Weekly Events Thumbnail
    Weekly Events
    Every week, an event begins and runs for 7 days. Prizes are awarded at the end of each event...
  • Necrophagist Trooper Thumbnail
    Necrophagist Trooper
    Every completed set of equipment gives x1,000 multiplier to DPS.
  • Soul Eater Thumbnail
    Soul Eater
    Every completed set of equipment gives x1,000 multiplier to DPS.

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