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Sep 28, 2018


Everyone likes numbers that go up. Play NGU Idle and get the exciting rush of so many numbers going up!

With NGU Idle you’ll get:

* Weekly updates! Maybe even more! Probably less!
* An RPG and inventory system!
* Loot drops for days!
* A really weird story if you’re into that.
* A mix of Idle and Active play to satisfy everyone except really grumpy people.
* Progress Bars everywhere!
* A snarky, very active dev who is extremely attractive and not biased at all.
* Crappy Puns.

You can also find NGU's discord here:


You click a bunch of buttons and make the numbers go up. C'mon, it's an idle game, not rocket science!

July 25, 2019

Hey guys, I have some sad news: I won't be updating NGU on Armor Games any more. The game's still gonna be here, don't worry! It just won't receive any new updates. Kongregate and Kartridge versions are still being updated, and saves should be able to migrate there without any issue. plz forgive me, 4G <3

May 31, 2019

Build .423 "More Art, Kong Badges, and Improved Kartridge Saving!" * Added Boss Art for Bosses 101-150! We're all caught up now! Thanks again to the wonderful Musluk for the weird and hilarious pics! * Two Badges have been added to the Kongregate and Kartridge versions! This should mainly appeal to new players or the super noobies, they're fairly easy badges after all. Enjoy! * Tweaked the automated backup save system for Kartridge. Instead of NGUBackup.txt being overwritten every 30 minutes, two files are now written instead, NGUBackup.txt and NGUBackup2.txt. TLDR: if you lose your autosave, you have two backups to try to load! If one fails, the other ought to work! * If you load a file from a future build of NGU into an older version of the game, you are now directed to check for updates instead of a stupid " File not found!" message. * Kartridge saves now use the 24-hour system in their file names. RIP Americans. * Tweaked the rarity of a secret special item because apparently it is THE LITERAL END OF THE WORLD for it to be as rare as it is, for some people. Yeah, i'm putting you guys on blast in the patch notes. Deal with it!

May 19, 2019

Build .422 " New Zones, New Titan, Free Spins and Lots of Fancy Art!" * Added 3 new zones and a new titan, extending the progression a good deal! * Added items 301-342. * You'll notice some items have a "Wish Speed" bonus. This currently does nothing but will have a major impact in a future patch! * Fixed a bug where Titan 8 dropped more often than the displayed odds. Big oops. * Fixed a bug where Titan 7 didn't drop loot sometimes. Also oops! * Fixed a bug with Titan 8's AI that made it more annoying to fight than it should have. Also slightly nerfed the explosion attack. * Added 19 new quirks that improve a lot of different stats! * Added BOSS PORTRAITS for Bosses 1-100 to the Fight Boss menu! The art was provided courtesy of the very handsome and talented Musluk. Blow plenty of kisses their way! * Gaudy, Mega Lands, and Beardverse gear has been slightly buffed. Again! * For those on Kartridge: The game now automatically creates a backup save in the same folder as the autosave, named NGUBackup.txt! If you ever have an issue with your autosave be sure to load this to recover your progress! * Sales have been swapped out! * Permanently reduced the price of beast butter by 50%. I can't offer refunds for stuff already bought, please understand and don't cram my inbox fuller than a can of sardines :C. * Added a SPECIAL PROMO if you check out the game on Kartridge! Head to the Info n Stuff menu and you'll be able to claim 7 free daily spins! You might also try playing the game on Kartridge but I'm a patch note, not a cop.
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