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The Strange Disappearance of Eldon Crowe
Sep 21, 2018


Idle RPG with everything what we love RPGs for: classes, skills, perks, items, quests, adventure maps, customization. Unlimited progress. Constant updates. Grab a hammer because your legendary journey has just started!


Mouse and keyboard.

November 12, 2018

v.1.0.78 - New tutorial - Class mastery bonuses. Level 5th and 10th of each character class unlocks a permament and stackable bonus. Base attribute bonus is a bonus that every character class gets at the start, for instance – Goldzerker +2 Strength. - New wardrobe item – Hammer of Vexd - Encounters were renamed as Events - Sound effect for a rare event was removed - Gold generated by personal drill is now visible - Visual changes for gold/ore/crystal text - Personal drill buffs and generated gold/ore messages no longer cover each other - Some descriptions were corrected

September 23, 2018

v.1.0.75a - bug fix for the not clickable Start button

September 22, 2018

v.1.0.75 - bug with not being able to click the Start button should be now fixed Cheers!
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