Epic Battle Fantasy

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Battle your way through waves of enemies and powerful bosses!


Played with the mouse, select commands and make the enemies die.
Descriptions of skills available in-game.


EBFWiki is a database dedicated to Epic Battle Fantasy series of flash games that anyone can contribute to! Epic Battle Fantasy is a series of flash games designed and programmed by Matt Roszak, and can be found on Kongregate, Newgrounds, Armor Games, and Max Games, inter alia. There are currently four principal games and four spinoffs titled The Kitten Game, Brawl Royale, Bullet Heaven, and Adventure Story.

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  • Equilibrium Thumbnail
    The Equilibrium is a non-elemental sword available for Matt in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. The...
  • School Uniform Thumbnail
    School Uniform
    The School Uniform is a female armor in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 which is exclusive to the full PC...
  • Cow Costume Thumbnail
    Cow Costume
    The Cow Costume is one of female armors available in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4. Its hat...
  • Santa Outfit (female) Thumbnail
    Santa Outfit (female)
    The Santa Outfit is a female armor available in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. (insert visual...
  • The Creator Thumbnail
    The Creator
    The Creator is a boss encountered in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It is summoned by Godcat to assault...

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    Lance is a character in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. First appearing as the second player in...
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    Epic Battle Fantasy 3
    Released in August 2010, Epic Battle Fantasy 3 (titled as Epic Battle Fantasy III in-game) is...
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    Matt is a recurring character in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. Along with Natalie, Matt may be...
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    Akron is the main antagonist and final boss in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. An ancient demonic deity...
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