Dwarf Village

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Jun 9, 2009


Play as red little dwarf that starting his life at Dwarf Village, you have to maintain a farm over a period of time, tending the crops and livestock through the seasons.
Growing crops is the central aspect to all the games. The player must find optimal planting, watering, and finding the most profitable plants.
Another part of the games is purchasing, caring for, and raising your own livestock. This game have cows,horse and chickens and provided a barn, a stable and chicken coop to house them. Milk and eggs are produced by Cows and Chiken, and could both be sold. And Player can enter a horse race every Sunday if they have a horse.
Player can attend the annual festivals like New Year festival, Cow Contest, Chicken Cluck Contest and another festivals. Some of that may just be simple social events, while others may be contests with prizes available to the player.
The ultimate challenge is for the player to manage his time. There is only a short amount of time in each game day, and the player only has a set amount of energy. He must balance his time and strength by working on the farm and making friends, and win the Best Farm Award.


Mouse : action
Space : whipe horse in the horse race
1-6 : tool shortcuts

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