Poker Quest

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Apr 6, 2020


Poker Quest. A challenging roguelike deck-builder that uses playing cards (Ace, King, Queen, etc.) to activate your abilities.


Explained in-game

November 16, 2022

Poker Quest 1.0 has been released! Today is the day! After four years of development, Poker Quest: Swords and Spades is leaving early access! With over 20 characters, 1500+ possible items, as well as daily runs, custom runs, mod support, and all the other bits of polish we've done, we think it's finally time and we hope you do too. Thank you to all of you that have played the game over the last few years and provided feedback to help improve the game. It's been a fun journey so far and I hope we can continue it! Today's update includes: - NEW HEROES: The Priest, Alchemist, and Locksmith! - Lots of balance tweaks, bug fixes, and UI fixes - Kraken redesigned to potentially heal less and poison more. - Added a new world 1 monster: The Dealer. - Challenge names will no longer be hidden. - Weightless and non-weightless items can be more easily swapped. - Attack Booster should now interact correctly with reusable items. - Monsters with revive retain Counterattack during Retaliatory Monsters. - Items with over 8 charges show charge circles properly. - Each random event should no longer trigger multiple times during the same run. - Added a tooltip for Heal. - Healing through vampirism always heal for a minimum of 1. - Blightbolts, Darkbolts, Shockstrikes, and Stormskin all reroll Next lightning when triggered. - Curse Mastery will interact correctly with Dreadshield. - Flailswinger and Giant Tortoise have had their items reordered so that their buffs are no longer irrelevant. - Fixed an issue with Blacksmiths sometimes not having options after continuing a run.

April 26, 2022

- Poker Quest v62 is now live!

August 19, 2020

v31 - fixed bugs and crashes
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