Raid Heroes: Dragon Age

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May 18, 2023


Even recently, the Kingdom fought off the Dark Lord. But new challenges are coming.
Every century, dragons come from across the Great Spine.
Why they wake up and why they arrive, no one knows. But during the raids, they bring a lot of trouble to all the inhabitants of the continent.
There is a belief that dragons can be tamed and used for the benefit of the whole world. But for this you need to know the true meaning of their appearance. What are they looking for? What are they craving? It's time to find out. The Dragon Age is upon us!


The goal of the game is to gather the best squad of heroes to complete the storyline raid to the end and defeat other players in the tournament.

Collect 5 hero cards to recruit a new hero. Cards are given in the Tavern.

To attack a squad of opponents in the raid, click on it or on the FIGHT button. On the battlefield, arrange your heroes in the desired order and click on the FIGHT button. If necessary, you can also set the speed of movement for each hero. To do this, click on the hero and turn the slider.

In addition to the main raid, numerous story events, tournaments with other players, clan wars and challenges await you. You can find detailed information on each activity in the game by clicking on the "i" icon.

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