Realm of Empires

90 1M
Amazing Community! Play with like-minded MMO Strategy fans. Make friends. Or enemies.
Hardcore Strategy! No kiddie-proofing. You can take over ALL your opponents' villages.
Addictive Gameplay! Once you start playing you'll always have the game in the back of your mind.
All levels can play! Beginner, Apprentice, and Veteran Realms.
Dec 17, 2015


Guide your fledgling empire from its beginnings as a single, small village. Grow your village into a town. Research innovations, and recruit the troops you need to defend yourself - or to go on the attack.

Surrounding your lands are other real players seeking to do the same. You can befriend them, form alliances and clans, and work together to strengthen your hold on a hostile landscape. Or you can crush the fools for being in your way - by word or by sword, the realm is yours to conquer!


Explained in-game

November 13, 2020

TOURNAMENT REALMS : Fast and Furious Register now and have fun at a multiplayer online real time strategy and war game Nov 15, Sun 1:00 PM RX11 8h - no spells ... Nov 16, Mon 11:00 AM RX12 4h - no spells ... Nov 16, Mon 5:00 PM RX13 1h - spells ... Nov 17, Tue 12:12 AM RX14 168h - spells ...

November 4, 2020

Hi Everyone at Required network upgrade of our provider, will result in ROE being inaccessible from about 10:00 game time to 17:00 game time, on NOV 4th. Realms will be frozen at this time. Thanks for your patience and support. RoE_Team

June 26, 2020

R217 The Future Valley at Large no-morale veteran realm Opening today, Jun 26 Unique in this realm: Large realm - 15 rebels / player No morale
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