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Aug 16, 2019


Join Sylpheed on her adventure in this fantasy idle RPG!

Assume the role of Sylpheed, a survivor of the long-extinct elven race, and her partner, Feli. Together, they must reclaim Anima, the lost essence of deceased elven spirits to restore Yggdrasil, the life source of spirits.

Fight it out! Defeat hordes of monsters and challenging bosses with full character customization and flashy skills on an automated battle system!

No time to play? No problem! With offline progression, Sylpheed will continue her adventure even when you're away.

We do our best to iterate on community ideas, so please don't hesitate to start a discussion in the comments or contact us directly when you have a concern. More updates coming!


Tap or press J to attack monsters.
Earn XP while you are away.
Collect Anima and clear stages to break the exponential barrier.
Allocate your stats wisely.
Beat Challenge mode to gain spirits to help Sylpheed in her journey!

September 19, 2019

Patch 2.2.7

We’ve been collecting feedback on the new UI since it was released. Most of the comments were about the world map. This patch focuses on improving the interaction with the world map.  


  • Revamped Region screen
  • Simplified Region Selection (world map)
  • Retrying a Stage
  • Improved Stage Selection screen
  • Polished Artifacts screen

UI Changes

Region Screen

This is now the landing screen when you press the World Map button from the Stage. We want the players to focus on the more immediate progress, which is the stage.

We’ve added a HUD to display important information on the current stage like Character Level, Anima, Artifact Points.

We also added a quick and easy way to Retry the stage without the need of transferring to other stages. Tap and hold that Resume button to Retry the stage!


We also moved Challenge Mode here from the World Map for easier access.


We updated the tutorial for the new screen workflow.


Stage Selection Screen

The old layout was very limited in terms of space. There’s a lot of information that we feel is important for the user. In this new layout, we will utilize the entire screen to open up the space.


  • Select difficulty from the right panel.
  • Anima Reward now displays an estimation of the total anima gained upon completing the stage (modifiers do not count).
  • If you are already running the same stage and difficulty, you will be prompted to “restart” the stage.
  • Adversity is no longer just a tooltip.
  • Blessing is now on the same screen.


World Map (Region Selection)

World Map’s sole purpose is for selecting a region. We want to clear the screen from all the distractions.


Artifact Screen

This is just a minor update to standardize the UI theme. Interaction with this UI is same as before.



  • Excess anima after a stage run is not computed or added properly to the next Anima Lv.

September 3, 2019

Patch 2.2.6

After looking through player data, and reading through the generous amount of feedback that you (the players) have given us were glad to announce that we’ll be releasing patch 2.2.6. This patch focuses on broad balance changes that will dramatically improve the feel of running a stage. This patch will also shorten the amount of time required to clear a stage.  

Here’s a quick outline for the patch 

  • Broad balance changes to exp gain and character growth. 
  • Challenge mode now accessible earlier. 
  • Dying brings the player back to “idle mode” on the current area they’re in. 
  • Monster level only increases per area instead of per wave. 
  • Decreased number of waves from 10 to 5.  
  • Removed wave walking transitions. 
  • Decreased monster growth rates based on difficulty.
  • Increased Sylpheed’s base stats in challenge mode.
  • XP/Hr display is changed to XP/min. 

Stage balance changes. 

Decreased number of waves from 10 to 5

The number of waves is just an artificial difficulty which only lengthens the time to clear the area. 

Monsters’ level only increases per area instead of per wave

Previously monsters in game would scale up per wave thus causing sudden spikes in difficulty when nearing the area’s boss.

In this patch waves will only increase the amount of monsters spawned. There will be no increases to monsters’ individual stats in between waves. 

Idle Mode

Idle mode, is a new stage progression system that allows players to safely farm XP. With our new changes to monster stat scaling and how exp is earned; XP per monster is equal across all waves of an area, as such idling being idle mode will allow players to rack up status points to push even higher. 

When dying in an area players will be sent into idle mode. In idle mode players will stay there unless they press either “Continue” or Fight Boss” buttons.

Removed wave walking  transitions

Having Sylpheed walk from wave to wave was unintended time padding. As such we’ll only be having the walking transition happen every area; and when you’re moving towards the boss. This should greatly speed up clear times. 

Increased level pacing

Players should be able to level up faster in the earlier areas of a stage now. 

Other notable stage changes.

  • Stage HUD has been updated to reflect changes.
  • Instant reward is only purchasable after area 5
  • XP/Hr has been changed to XP/min. 

Challenge mode and world map changes

Easier unlock conditions

Players are now able to unlock world map and challenge mode fairly early in the run. This should allow players to reset their run, or grind it out in challenge mode to earn spirits. 

Increased Sylpheed base stats in challenge mode

We’ve increased her challenge mode stats to give you guys a bit of a helping hand.

Bug Fixes

  • Applied fix for Ads not rewarding. Will be monitoring this.
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