Rise of Champions

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Destroy your enemies in epic PvP combat!
Equip your champions for battle with rare and powerful items!
Create awesome magical items with our limitless crafting system!
Outsmart your enemies in epic 12v12 champion real-time Brawls!
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Feb 26, 2015


Destroy your enemies in epic turn-based PvP combat! Collect legendary items, join 12v12 brawls, and enter weekly tournaments to prove your skill!


Explained in-game

June 14, 2015

v1.038 changelog “Trinkets” update -The Castle event is officially complete. -New system “Trinkets” added -Trinket screen available via Inventory -Trinket capsules are earned by completing daily task list -You will also receive a free capsule with your Day 7 daily rewards! -More ways to earn capsules are coming soon! -Trinket Reclaim – gain trinket dust based on rarity/level of trinket -Trinket Enhance – increase level (and power) of trinket by using trinket dust -Trinket Combine – combine two identical max level trinkets to receive next stage -Currently 26 trinkets exist across 5 different rarities, more coming soon! -View help popup on TrinketEnhance screen to learn more -Added “Trinket Pack” to Diamond shop, includes two free Trinket Capsules -Remove “Boosts” section from Shop, added “Trinkets” -Guild News text now selectable -Major bug fix possibly responsible for some battle/brawl crashes -Fixed Guild Warfare “Hot Matches” pages -Tons of small fixes/changes which have accumulated over the past month+ since last update -+50% First Purchase Diamond Bonus reset!

Recent Edits

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  • Development Log
    Before the Beta phase began the updates are game mechanics. So the Alpha updates aren't needed...
  • Lore Shop Thumbnail
    Lore Shop
    Lore Shop was added on 15th June 2018 with update. V1.20. It can be found in the story menu.
  • Dust
    Dust has a singular but important use: to upgrade Trinkets into a higher level. The amount of...

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  • Gold
    Gold is the primary currency and resource in Rise of Champions. Gold is mainly used for trading.
  • Stone Sniper
    The Stone Sniper is a hostile archer and a member of the Stone Assassins clan.
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