Rise of Mythos

89 6M
Ascension Tower: Fight your way through 50+ levels of increasingly powerful enemies to claim victory.
PvP Arena: Compete in 1v1 battles or group up with friends to face off against a number of opponents.
Customizable Deck and Auction House: Experience the freedom of creating, fusing, combining, and extracting in order to construct increasingly powerful cards. Use the in-game auction house to buy and sell unique items and special cards with other players.
Challenge Hall: Take on powerful bosses in Challenge Hall with up to 3 other players.
Oct 18, 2013


In Rise of Mythos, players embark upon an adventure through a world filled with mythical creatures and monsters where they must battle through 50+ levels of intense and difficult gameplay. Group up with friends to compete in a Player vs Player (PvP) tournament that pits players against their opponents in real time combat. Choose from any of the 4 different classes with 7 distinct races, an auction house that allows players to buy and sell items, and a crafting system that enables players to create, fuse, combine, and extract in order to assemble their own unique and powerful army.


Explained in-game

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    Redmaw Addlemace
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