Rogue Fable IV

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Dec 7, 2023


The legendary Goblet of Yendor. Some say it grants immortality while others claim its infinite power will drive those who seek it to madness, Whatever it is, that Yendor guy sure seems pleased! Many a rogue and scoundrel have dared to brave the depths of the Dungeons of Doom in hopes of swiping this most coveted treasure.

None have survived. Will you be the first to succeed?

Rogue Fable IV is the latest iteration in a project that has spanned nearly a decade of development. The series overarching design goal has been to squeeze every last drop of juicy depth, complexity and challenge from traditional rogue-likes into a tight and polished experience with runs that can be completed in under an hour and that is approachable by players new to the genre.

This latest instalment in the series has been slowly growing in scope and complexity and has begun to expand into spaces and mechanics that are unique to the genre. Despite this it has remained as free as possible of excessive stat and formula bloat with most of the critical information presented in the world and on the field of battle itself.

- More tactically involved combat with a major emphasis on mobility, positioning, timing and careful target selection.
- Deeper, more open-ended character development system that is balanced to encourage a wide variety of builds.
- Significantly more detailed, elaborate and tightly designed levels that help reinforce the core combat tactics while also creating a greater sense of a living and coherent world. At least as coherent as the doom fortress of a mad wizard can possibly be.
- Graphics are greatly improved and consistent with the main emphasis being on readability during gameplay.
- A ton more content in terms of talents, items, enemies, bosses and special levels has been added.

Steam Early Access:
As part of an ongoing series, this web-version can be thought of as a snap shot in time of the project. Development will be continuing for at least another 2-3 years on Steam through Early Access which will beginning around December 22 2023.
Steam Early Access

We have a very active Discord where you can chat about the game, discuss tactics and strategy, ask for help or provide any feedback or suggestions.


Mouse can be used for everything with keyboard shortcuts listed when mousing over buttons.

Default Shortcuts:
- Space: End Turn
- Shift + Space: Rest
- 1-7: Use Abilities
- Tab: Auto Melee Attack
- Q: Auto Range Attack
- E: Explore
- G: Goto Menu
- H: Goto Healing Shroom
- C: Open Character Menu
- <: Goto Up-Stairs
- >: Goto Down-Stairs

An excellent video tutorial by Random595 explaining some basic controls and more advanced or obscure tactics/mechanics: Tutorial

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