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Icy North
Jun 22, 2021


Play as a seed that sends its roots deeper and deeper to find fresh water.

Avoid hazards, explore, upgrade your root and discover what lies below.

Some tips :

  • Move your mouse where you want to go
  • Your water content act as health and shows up on your root tip
  • Pickup water to replenish your health and go further down
  • You get 1 flower every 100 cm
  • You get 1 flower each time you drink fertilizer
  • Upgrading is key !
  • Small roots move randomly, but they can go faster and get water from far away.
  • Get all the way to the bottom to unlock Time Trial !
  • Unlock every seed !

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The root tip follows your mouse.

June 24, 2021

ROOTS v1.7

What's new ?

Replaced "RECOLT" by "HARVEST", changed root speed, removed the "shiny portal" bug, resized the UI

June 23, 2021

ROOTS v1.6

Hi !

First, let me say that waking up to 10 000+ views in the first day was pretty awesome. Thank you so much for the feedback <3

This is very insightfull and will greatly help me moving forward.

What's new ?

This is mostly a small fix regarding the game's resolution. Should be easier to play on standard displays. The small roots speed recieved a small buff.

What's next ?

I'm currently working on the Android port (you can find the demo .apk here : )

There were a lot of good ideas to add polish, depth and content to the game, so I'll keep working on that.

If you have any ideas, feelings or opinions about the game, feel free to write them in the comments !

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