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Mar 12, 2019


A cute metroidvania game you can play in your browser!

In this game, you play as an adorable "Shrubnaut" - a kind of astronaut who specialises in botany - who explores a derelict spaceship that is overgrown. The story is very much a mystery, but either way, you have to make your way out of there! There are 4 Beacons with need to activated in order to make your way out.

Use the grappling hook you find to move around the ship, solve puzzles that block your way, open doors to new areas, and find the 8 Secret Artefacts throughout the ship - some are quite tricky to find. Use the save points to keep track of your progress, and as you discover more save points, teleport between them for a faster way to travel!

For those wanting more of a challenge, there is an in-game timer, so you can challenge yourself to make your way out as fast as possible. Your times will (hopefully) be saved, so you can come back and beat your old record!

This game was made in roughly a week, and should take no more than 20 minutes to complete on your first playthrough. I hope you enjoy Shrubnaut!


X : Jump, Teleport (on PC Screen)
C : Grapple, Interact/Cancel (with PC Screen)
R : Restart Game
Arrow Keys : Move, Aim Grapple

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