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Apr 5, 2018


SiNKR is a minimalist puzzle game. There is just you, hooks, pucks, and various contraptions you need to finish each level. Sink all the pucks to advance. Each level is handcrafted. No scores, no timers, no text, no distractions. Responsive ambient music.

# Best Overall Game, TERMINUS Conference + Festival, Golden Joystick 2018
# Best Game Design, TERMINUS Conference + Festival, Golden Joystick 2018
# Fan Favorite, TERMINUS Conference + Festival, Golden Joystick 2018
# Best in Show, SFGE, Indie Game 2018
# Winner, MomoCon, Indie Awards 2018
# Indie Selection at DREAMHACK Atlanta, 2017
# Indie Selection MEGABOOTH MEGASHOW Atlanta, 2017
# Fan Favorite, SIEGE, October, 2017

Want more SiNKR? There is a mobile and a Steam/Itch version with 4 more sections, 2 new mechanics, and 60 levels total. Website


Clear all the holes by sinking pucks to advance. A wordless tutorial is built into the early levels.

July 24, 2018

1.1.81 - 07/24/2018 * Engine update, minor bug fixes

May 6, 2018

1.1.40 - 05/06/2018 * Physics tweaks to prevent missing pucks and contraptions when framerate is lagging * Hooks no longer automatically stop when first hooking another hook * Hook motion when changing directions is smoother at no performance cost

April 21, 2018

1.1.28 - 04/21/2018 * Hooks must be touching to hook. Bug fix for hooks one grid square away hooking when they should not.
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