Slimey, Jump!

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Jul 15, 2019


Slimey, Jump! is a tiny one-button platformer game with 28 levels and 4 bosses
It's meant to be a simple but challenging game that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their skill level!

This game contains:
- 28 handcrafted levels
- 4 bosses with unique dialogue
- 10 optional coins for those who want a challenge
- Story about buying a cake
- Short (~35 min)

I really hope you have fun playing this! I held back on the difficulty to make it more enjoyable for everyone. Let me know if you liked the game, I have tons of cut content, maybe I'll release a spin-off for those who want a challenge?

Thank you for playing!
Music & SFX by @BibikiGL


Z, SPACE -> Jump/Play
ENTER -> Menu
ARROWS -> Move through Menu

July 18, 2019

The game now tracks your cake status and your deaths. I also added a button that lets you jump straight to the ending, if you already unlocked it (useful if you wanted to try again and collect the missing coins, that way you don't need to beat the final boss twice) If you had an old save, the progress of the levels will hopefully still exist, although any tracking and the ending will be locked. If something breaks, please reset your progress on the menu (enter)
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