Steel and Claw

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Apr 27, 2023


Steel and Claw is an exciting multiplayer deckbuilder roguelike dungeon crawler that challenges you to explore a forest dungeon and push your limits. You can choose your own path to navigate through the dungeon’s dangers.

Go solo, braving the depths alone, or team up with others to form a formidable group.

How far can you make it in the dungeon? Embark on an epic adventure in Steel and Claw and find out!


Make your way through the dungeon by clicking on a connected room. Elite rooms are more difficult battles but provide higher rewards.

Rooms scale as you go deeper in the dungeon and with the number of players in the room. Rooms also have “darkness”: Each time a room is beaten and a prize is taken the darkness increases making it harder. Beating a room and taking no prize resets the darkness. Player deaths also reset darkness… But no-one wants that!

When in battle: drag cards over enemies, yourself or friends to perform the indicated action.

Cards show an energy cost and the card type: Attack, Defend, Buff or Debuff. As well as a description of what it does.

When you are out of energy (indicated in the bottom right) or cards, end your turn. When you start your next turn you will take cards from your draw pile.

Saving progress: The game saves your character whenever you enter a rest room. You will get a mantra (that your browser should remember) that you can enter when returning. If you want to save your mantra select “Rest here” in the room rewards. You will come straight back to that room when you return.

Good luck.

May 4, 2023

Bugs Targeting issue should now be resolved! Balance Follow Up Strike now has a cost but does more base damage. Greater Sacrificial Cleave cost increased but does more base damage. AP and DP training capped at 2 Poisoned Fumes and Deadly Poisoned Fumes have been buffed. Increasing Strike and Greater Increasing Strike have been buffed. Fortitude buffed to match description. Quick Enrage reduced from 50% to 25% Toads and Turtles Buffed Room scaling changed at 60, 80, 100, 120 Dungeons can potentially generate wider at deeper levels (careful pathfinding has the chance to avoid dangerous paths)

May 2, 2023

New Dungeon May 2 Bugs Cleaned up disconnect message error More error handling logging and tracking Feature Temporary Ignore player feature: click on a person to whisper to them. Replace the /w with /ignore and click the submit button Performance Disabled most battle special effects: Seems to be improving the responsiveness. Balance Pommel Pummel and Stun cost reduced to 0. Sacrificial Cleave and Greater Sacrificial Cleave cost reduced. Enrage and Greater Enrage now increases AP by 50%. Upgraded Slow Enrage now increases AP by 3 per round. Train health reward has changed: your health will increase 1 for approximately every 10 levels into the dungeon. etc. Train attack and Train defense will increase by 1 for approximately every 25 levels into the dungeon. 1 from 1 to 25, 2 form 25 to 50, 4 at 100, etc. Attack Potions AP bonus increased Defense Potions DP bonus increased Brew Potion Card labels updated Several monsters have been slightly buffed.

May 1, 2023

A new Dungeon! Fixed an issue with using cards on enemies (card targeting would stop working when moving over the character intention icons) Player Death by DOTs: Players will die immediately as expected. Rooms should more thoroughly clean up any player deaths due to dots. Player room history updates properly when refusing a card upgrade/remove as a reward. Added a new tier of difficulty after level 150 Upgraded Strategic Strike now works as described: no longer grants +2 hand size: now grants 2 cards drawn. Fixed a critical intermittent bug when getting buffed by a card effect Cleaned up some networking: Should be less laggy in busier rooms. Added some improved error handling and logging.
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