The King of Towers

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Earn free rewards everyday you login! Earn even more rewards for each consecutive day logged in!
Collect special materials to assemble relics full of rare rewards!
Journey into Blitz Acres and challenge the dungeon bosses and see how far into the darkness you can charge!
Capture other kingdom leaders for bounties and extra rewards!
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Jun 27, 2014


Humans and orcs have lived in peace for 65 years after 300 years of blood, grit and war. But there are other dangers that also inhabit the world... The Giant King of the Cyclops has come to tear apart your kingdom. Use your tower defense skills, heroes and armies to take on the forces of evil and drive them back into the shadows!


Explained in-game

December 4, 2015

Today's Feed: A few players have asked us questions towards Magic Ward. When can they use all the Magics in the Magic Ward? There are three Magics in it, and players are able to unlock all of them as soon as they pass the 4th level of Grass Land in the World map. We hope this information is helpful to you. Good luck in everything, Warriors. (*^__^*)

December 3, 2015

Dear heroes, What is up with you~? We hope you are all doing a good job. Here is the events for this week: 1. Market Sales Promotion: Another big chance for you to enjoy rare things at a lower price~! 2. Snowy Gift Pack: Vord Knight is bringing you Gift Packs. Be fast to buy them~! 3. Lucky Lottery: The Sacred Fire has been lit! You can get Sacred Fires in three different ways. You can then use them to buy Chips and have a go at the Roulette wheel~! Good luck in everything, Warriors. (*^__^*)

December 2, 2015

Today's Feed: As we all know, the most important parameter in this game is Battle Power. Strong Battle Power will make players easier to advance in all areas. Overall Battle Power consists of several parts, but it has different influence in each feature. Battle Power in Fighting Pits is more related to heroes, and in World levels Battle Power is more related to towers. We hope this information is help Good luck in everything, Warriors. (*^__^*)

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