Tree Trunk Brook

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Sep 7, 2020


Tree Trunk Brook is a tiny adventure game about hiking during the pandemic.

Follow trail blazes, take photos, make friends, and find lost items.

The visitor center is closed, but the trail is open. Social distancing is in effect, and masks are required.

3 trails to explore
14 photo locations
10 lost items
11 hikers to befriend

You can be nice to strangers by being a good listener, or by returning their lost items.
You can stay in touch with your best friend who can’t come hiking with you anymore.
You can’t take anything away from anywhere (except for the litter on the ground).

It’s short and replayable! It’s about getting better acquainted with friendly strangers by seeing them repeatedly.

The environments are sourced from photographs and pieced together like a collage. The trails draw inspiration from hikes in the Northeastern US (specifically NJ, NY, CT, MA). We wanted the place to feel realistic, idyllic, and familiar like a nostalgic memory, all at the same time.

If you’re looking for a short, relaxing, and cozy time, come visit our trails and be friends with our hikers!


Mouse to move

November 13, 2020

Tree Trunk Brook version 1.0.8 is now live! Patch notes for this update: New: high resolution photos! New: added 3 achievements related to picking up litter (Steam version only) Improved: Trail Map now indicates where you currently are Improved: if a hiker’s item is still lost, they will only say what item they’re missing Improved: audio settings are now accessible from title screen Fixed: lowered the volume on the best friend sound effect Fixed: edited dialogue that was too long for text box This version has parity with the free Steam version (minus achievements and leaderboards). Enjoy! 🌳

November 2, 2020

Tree Trunk Brook version 1.0.7 is live! Patch notes for this update: Improved: game no longer nags the player to catch the bus. Improved: replaced game icon. Improved: performance issue related to replaying many times. Fixed: bug where your volume setting wouldn’t save. Fixed: bug with a specific piece of litter on the Red Trail that couldn’t be picked up. Fixed: bug where phone UI text would be visible when taking a photo. This version has parity with the Steam version (minus achievements and leaderboard). Enjoy!

October 23, 2020

Tree Trunk Brook version 1.0.6 is live! This update includes a number of minor bug fixes, and has parity with the newly launched version of the game on Steam. 🌳 Enjoy!
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