Tricky Cow

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The Wizard of Elemental Magic
Aug 9, 2019


Tricky Cow is a platformer in which you have to clear all platforms (walk or jump on them until the star is yellow; when you leave the platform it will disappear) and get to the cowbell to advance to the next level. The movement is like Mario but the levels are one-screen (no side-scrolling).

Sometimes you have to think twice, or even thrice to figure out the correct way of finishing the level. Lots of thinking and fun!

The game contains 40 levels. The levels will gradually become harder while new mechanics get introduced. Like it’s predecessors the game has all unique mechanics only seen in this release like the timer tile. The timer tile is extra tricky because you need to be standing on it for about 2 seconds. Standing on the tile for 2 seconds does not sound difficult but it is when you have to dodge incoming projectiles.

The flying spike projectiles are coming from another new tile that shoots in different directions so be sure to deactivate those tiles fast. There is also a trampoline that boosts you upwards without delay so having good reflexes will come in handy. All the tiles need to be deactivated to let the level goal appear and so you can progress to the next stage.


Use wasd or arrows or gamepad to move cow.

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