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Apr 9, 2020


Trigomesh is a fast-paced grid-based puzzler. Place colourful tiles to create squares which elegantly fold into one another. See if you can get the highest score before your board fills up!

Each tile has two random colours in a triangle shape. By using these as the sides of a square, the top and bottom colours will fold into each other. If the top and bottom colours match, this will form a smaller square, and score bonus points.

If the bottom corners match, when they fold, they may be used to set up another square by placing two more tiles with the same colours below them.

As you match tiles, the time with which you have to place a tile decreases, forcing you to place tiles faster and faster until you can't keep up and your board fills with tiles. If the board is full, you lose the game.


Explained in-game (choose tutorial from the main menu), configurable.
Rotate left: Z
Rotate right: X
Move left: Left arrow
Move right: Right arrow
Send tile: Space
Pause: Escape

Menu down: Down arrow
Menu up: Up arrow
Menu select: Space

April 18, 2020

* Added Zen Mode * Added option to return to the main menu to the pause menu * Fixed an issue where the armor games introduction would sometimes fail to load

April 10, 2020

* Fixed an issue where custom controls were not saved
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