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Jan 2, 2023


Card game with a simple and innovative concept. Each match has a unique set of cards to choose from. Build an epic combo deck or attack, disrupt and counter the Enemy.

The perfect game for you if:

  • you're new to card games or deck-builders.
  • you enjoy games like Slay the Spire and want to show your skills in 1v1.
  • you're a card game veteran and love a level playing-field where creativity shines.

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Mouse or touch.

February 28, 2024

Sign up fix Some of you had trouble signing up with Tuggowar, but this is now fixed! Signing up secures all your progress and lets you sign in on other devices. So if you've previously tried to do this and still want to, now you can!

February 13, 2024

Balance patch
  • Venture has been reworked, as is tradition.
  • Pump & Dump now also gives +1 Energy.
  • Sniper discards Actions of 5 or less (was 4).
  • Express Delivery costs 1 Money and 3 Energy (was 1M and 4E).
  • Take Out the Trash costs 1 Money and 4 Energy (was 1M and 5E).
  • Informant costs 1 Money and 4 Energy (was 1M and 3E).
  • Squad Leader costs 1 Money and 3 Energy (was 1M and 2E).
  • Combo Deal has Cooldown 2 (was 1).
  • Spy and Double Down give 2 Production (was 0).
  • Sniper, Field Howitzer, Creeping Barrage and Minenwerfer cost 1 Production less.
  • Chopper, Medic, Refinery and Foreign Trade cost 2 Production more.

January 17, 2024

Featured live match Hey everyone we just added a cool new feature that lets you observe live matches. Just sit back, relax and tune into leaderboard matches and epic bronze battles!
Head over to the Compete menu to find the featured live match tab. The introduction of this feature also means that other players can now observe your PvP matches. Unless you don’t want to of course. Set your preference in the settings menu.
FYI inviting friends to watch your game is also possible through the menu while in a match. Just share the link and you got an observer.
If you enjoy watching and/or want to improve then def. check out some Show-matches. Every week we pick the coolest games! Played an epic match yourself? Submit it on Discord and your game might end up as show-match!
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