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Jan 2, 2023


Card game with a simple and innovative concept. Each match has a unique set of cards to choose from. Build an epic combo deck or attack, disrupt and counter the Enemy.

The perfect game for you if:

  • you're new to card games or deck-builders.
  • you enjoy games like Slay the Spire and want to show your skills in 1v1.
  • you're a card game veteran and love a level playing-field where creativity shines.

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Mouse or touch.

July 2, 2024

Base set & balance changes We're juicing up the Base set by boosting the variety of card effects:
  • New card named Broker is added.
  • Watermill is added.
  • Manage Arsenal is moved to Tier 2 (up from 1).
  • Windmill is removed.
  • Repurpose is removed (will return in an expansion).
  • Refuel no longer gives +Energy.
The following expansion cards are rebalanced:
  • Shopkeeper now adds card of cost 5 or less ( up from 4).
  • Energy Upgrade has Cooldown 3 (down from 5).
  • Master Tactician now looks for 5 different Actions/Units (up from 4).

June 11, 2024

Core gameplay changes We're always looking to improve Tuggowar, and sometimes changes reach into the core of the game.
The fun of Tuggowar is in adding cards to your deck and getting to play them, and we wanted this to happen faster. We think these changes will make the game more accessible and more fun in general! Cards will be rebalanced later if needed.
  • The starting deck has 5 Coal (down from 7).
  • The MAX for all cards is 5 copies (down from 7).
  • Bank is now available to all players.
  • The default setting for new players in PvP is Mirror Mode.
  • When one player has Mirror Mode on and the other doesn't, it will be 50/50.
  • Field Howitzer is renamed to Rocketeer.

February 28, 2024

Sign up fix Some of you had trouble signing up with Tuggowar, but this is now fixed! Signing up secures all your progress and lets you sign in on other devices. So if you've previously tried to do this and still want to, now you can!
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