Unstable Engineer

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Castle Woodwarf 2
Oct 7, 2019


You are an engineer hired by a secretive facility to test out their strange robotic devices. As you complete their challenges and earn your co-workers’ trust, perhaps you’ll uncover what exactly is going on in this strange place...

This is a puzzle game with story elements and various game modes. Test out many different 'blueprints', each with unique powers, in gameplay reminiscent of the Lemmings series, attempting to use all your different upgrades to reach each exit. In your down-time, get to know your co-workers in the Office. If you earn their respect, you may eventually gain access to their secret experimental puzzles.

Although the game begins easy, later puzzles are very challenging. Each room has a hint you can receive by clicking the '?' button, although depending on who gave you each test, this hint may not be all that helpful!

For those of you who aren't interested in characters and dialogue, feel free to mash SPACE to skip through any text. I won't judge. :)

This is technically a prequel/spinoff to my earlier game Unstable, although they can be played in either order. Have fun, and good luck!


The game can be played entirely with the mouse, but there are some keyboard hotkeys:

SPACE: Play/Pause, Confirm, Continue, etc.
ESCAPE: Cancel, Open Menu, etc.
Arrow keys/WASD: Look around
SHIFT: Speed up (when playing), Advance step (when paused)
BACKSPACE: Restart Test
1-6: Blueprint upgrade hotkeys
RETURN: Discard Blueprint (Spark Tests only)

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