Hey there!

Well, if you're wondering if I'm Bratt02, I'm not. I'm her friend actually. She gave me her profile. Yeah. So... That's about it. :P


Who are you?

That's for you to find out. All I can say is that I'm Marion's [AKA Bratt02] best friend. [I'm also the vocals in our band.]

Why are you using Bratt02's site?

Oh that, well, me and Marion and some other friends were at the mall. I told them about this cool site [Which is ArmorGames.] and I said I going to join then Marion interrupted the conversation saying that she quit. I was shock that she has an account and she quit on it! Me and Marion were talking all about ArmorGames for the whole day. Then when we all went to the internet cafe, I told her what's her username in here and yeah... She said Bratt02. She pointed out the top 10 list and I saw that she was ranked #3! Damn! I mean... She quit? She could have been ranked #2 or best... 1! Then again, her highest rank was #2, isn't that right? And blah blah blah... =))

Why not just make your own account?

Sigh, I would but she gave me her account already, but that doesn't mean I still can't make another account, I know. Yet, why bother? Even though it seems unfair and stuff that I'm using her account, whether you like it or not, I'm staying here! :|

How is Bratt02 doing?

Any questions or whatsoever for Bratt02, contact me and I'll say it to her.


So yeah, that's about it... :P

Too bad, I have to stick with Bratt02 for as long as I play since I can't change it. [I was referring to the username!]


I LOVE 3. :X


Member since: July 26, 2008. \/ [I'm the new Bratt02, remember?]


Call me... Bratt03.




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