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  • startselect3 what was the scariest moment in your entire life
    19 2705
    The Tavern
    Made 8 years ago
    Hmm, I'd say the moment I felt more terrified than any other time in my life happened a year ago. My parents made me trim the bushes in the…
  • Coyote421 Site crash?
    6 1195
    Support Forum
    Made 8 years ago
    well my browser never did that before, although everything in its window pane became unresponsive when it responded again the site seemed t…
  • ZeroComp Where did you get your username from?
    628 98832
    The Tavern
    Made 8 years ago
    I tried to use Coyote, which was obviously taken, so I did Coyotee, which was also taken so I gave up and added the numbers of my birthday.…
  • ironblade41 [necro] Nicknames (IRL)
    31 6152
    The Tavern
    Made 8 years ago
    Nickname of my early youth: Ninja, Lassie.Nickname of my current youth: Table.Don't ask me how they started. All my nicknames came about at…
  • R2D21999 Oops wrong order.
    18 2575
    The Tavern
    Made 8 years ago
    McDonald's: They forgot I ordered so I was looking like an idiot standing by the counter for 10 minuted waiting. When they asked what I was…
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