Christian conservative, Bible-believing Fundamentalist, saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. That's me.

I like clean, conservative flash games. Aww yeah.


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Some of my "extreme" favorites on here are: Castle Quest, Arcane Castle, Parasite Strike, Bit Battles, and Snowball Fight.

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  • R2D21999 How do you want to die?
    24 2726
    The Tavern
    Made 6 years ago
    I'm counting on Jesus returning or technology advancing to the point where death is eradicated before that happens, but, if not, an uber he…
  • Ernie15 What did you learn today?
    2121 294486
    The Tavern
    Made 6 years ago
    I learned that Night of Silence is a pretty sweet Christmas song (Theocracy's version, at least)...Listened to it a good bit today. First t…
  • SirLegendary When were you born in Armoria?
    36 4161
    The Tavern
    Made 6 years ago
    I joined on September 11th, 2012.I don't remember the first flash game. Castle Quest was one of them.My first avatar, which stayed as such …
  • xXxDAPRO89xXx Question of the Day
    3110 287067
    The Tavern
    Made 6 years ago
    A PS2 for five dollars. All it needed was a DVD player cleaner to make it work. Years ago...
  • Charlie506 The AG User Awards (2014) Coming Soon!
    47 4901
    The Tavern
    Made 6 years ago
    I nominate myself for being the most egocentric person on Armor.
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