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  • cormyn The Faces of Armor Games/Users - Official Photo Thread
    400 250439
    The Tavern
    Made 11 years ago
    Here's me after I finished a 1/2 Marathon in Orlando this year. The finish line was at Epcot so we got to enjoy the Food and Wine festival …
  • BrendanJB Submitting a game for sponsorship
    11 5743
    Support Forum
    Made 11 years ago
    You can e-mail Justin for evaluation. (support@armorgames.com) If you don't hear back, sadly it means we will pass on sponsorship. We get l…
  • halogunner underlined words
    10 2227
    Support Forum
    Made 11 years ago
    Can you send a screenshot? What pages is it happening on?
  • nichodemus Gemcraft- Grenadier Tactics
    56 14691
    Game Walkthroughs
    Made 12 years ago
    Have you guys seen the trailer on YouTube for the new GemCraft game? Click Here
  • howlett Religion
    44 5863
    Made 12 years ago
    I'm not a fan of Religion. I think religion is Man's attempt at defining Right verses Wrong and imposing some sort of law or code you have …
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