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  • hawkins45 What's best game system in the world!!!!!
    50 5687
    Made 13 years ago
    Sega Genesis was my favorite when I was a kid
  • Owen135731 Travian
    8 1734
    Made 13 years ago
    I love Travian play it every day. But is it the best out there? I have no clue...
  • ratrear12 Best character with best moves
    17 2217
    Made 13 years ago
    My fave has always been and always will be Samus. She's a badass in SSBB
  • mikey1234 diablo 3
    13 2186
    Made 13 years ago
    Yeah he does the game itself looks sweet
  • bigchicken age of empires or world of warcraft
    44 7543
    Made 13 years ago
    Both are completely different games it would be retarded to compare the two. It all depends on what kind of game you like after all. But if…
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