The dawn of time breaks,
see the sun rise to the sky.
The wheel of time begins to turn.
But then we heard it,
a divine voice out of nowhere.
Spoke to our hearts and showed the way...

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  • R2D21999 The Sickly Feeling of Starbursts
    2 978
    The Tavern
    Made 5 years ago
    No way, your stomach's screwed up bro. I'm able to down like three of those.
  • Patrick2011 Star Stat
    103 11102
    News and Feedback
    Made 5 years ago
    I wonder if Gantic is Star King :O
  • ASUNKEN .Team Members of Armor Games and their personalities.
    12 1675
    The Tavern
    Made 5 years ago
    I feel happy or satisfied when I carry large jars of stuff, like sugar, flour, beans, whatever. And it has to be jars, not cardboard boxes.…
  • jim2170 swedish flag banned in school
    19 3827
    Made 5 years ago
    As someone who likes Sweden, I just want to calmly state HOW IS FLYING YOUR OWN FLAG ILLEGAL!?*reads article*Oh, it's only one Swedish scho…
  • Ishtaron Long link
    24 5201
    Made 5 years ago
    I got poofed in here. What seems to be the misunderstanding/misconception/misinformation/thirst for knowledge? I did get my degree in Biolo…
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