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  • bloodybeet Rate or Comment a MMO Game ?
    7 897
    Support Forum
    Made 9 years ago
    Personally, I think those options were excluded because they know their games are crap, and rely too heavily on the pay-to-play and pay-to-…
  • murasaki9 New MMO Swords & Potions
    20 3023
    Made 9 years ago
    The game is fun for a while, until you realize that it's actually a Facebook game. Just another example of how gaming is being ruined by co…
  • MegaIPOD [req]The Last Castle Beta Help
    13 3840
    Support Forum
    Made 9 years ago
    The game was perfect yesterday. No lag at all.Today, I can't even connect to the server. I click on Multiplayer, and it seems to glitch out…
  • AtWork007 Armor Deodorant!
    86 13398
    Support Forum
    Made 10 years ago
    Toda, the ad seems to be gone, but now there's another problem:When I try to access the AG homepage, it loads, but then goes blank as it tr…
  • david1234254 What are your thoughts on AG3?
    50 7411
    News and Feedback
    Made 10 years ago
    I haven't spent much time on the new site, but I'm hoping that the new site runs as smoothly as the old one does (it has so far), and doesn…

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