Exit Path is love.
Exit Path is life.

We all run for something.

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  • edudaora Hedgehog Launch 3
    13 19758
    Made 3 years ago
    you should add a speedometer
  • nichodemus The Religion Debate Thread
    705 81901
    Made 4 years ago
    i dunno what the general consensus is here but i think the concept of religion is fundamentally good, in that it helps people find purpose …
  • GhostOfNinja rank
    3 1384
    Support Forum
    Made 4 years ago
    on that note, what is that star count under the amount of posts i have? that seems new too
  • justgiveup99 How old is YOUR account?
    3 703
    The Tavern
    Made 4 years ago
    i feel like this thread has been done already. but 8/24/2010
  • Axis1337 Im the best because...
    97 7546
    Forum Games
    Made 4 years ago
    i'll just leave this here
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