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Hi! I've been around for a while, but I was inactive for a long time because of school. Now I'm an adult who has more free time because of COVID. I'm currently playing Guild Wars again, and will occasionally get on Old School Runescape. Add me on psn and say you're from AG so I don't ignore it. I can easily get you the platinum for any FromSoftware games or just do Souls pvp. I've also started to play Ark.

Things I've done:

Performed in 2 Classical Music Tours. One in Spain, and one on the East Coast of the US. I was a Tenor Soloist and Percussionist.

Served on the Educational Policies and Curriculum Committee for Anne Arundel Community College for 2 years.

Served as the President of the Campus Activities Board for Anne Arundel Community College for 1 year.

Almost died. I fell off the fly system while working as a stage tech and had to go to the ER and did PT for months.

Volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, Chesapeake Children's Museum, Annapolis Maritime Museum, Happy Helpers for the Homeless, Special Olympics Maryland and as a Stage Crew member for NACA Mid-Atlantic.

Things I want to do:

Travel to more countries and other states in the US. I've only been to Spain once and I've never left the East Coast of the US other than that.

I want to be in a Movie Musical. I know this one is a long shot because I'm a bad actor, but I'm definitely capable of singing most tenor roles from most musicals or operas. I'm on the Autism Spectrum and I've always struggled with emoting and portraying characters.

Get Married. I've been with my boyfriend now for almost a year and a half, and once COVID settles down and we both have steady jobs again we want to get married.

Become notable online. I'm pretty well known locally, but I don't really like it because I'm so awkward in person. I've had several people I don't recognize come up to me in public and talk to me about my music or events I've been involved with, and I never know what to do or say so I kind of just stand there awkwardly.

Things I like:

Romance Movies, Dark Souls, Hatsune Miku, Pets, All Genres Of Music (Except For Country and New Coldplay/New Fall Out Boy/Chainsmokers-like Pop)

Things I don't like:

Having Short Hair, Having My Hair Touch My Face, Being Tickled, Unexpected Bangs or Screams, Olives, Broccoli, The US School System, Sports, Marvel Movies, Any Movies That Aren't Romance Movies Or Comedy, Politics, Fighter Games, Closed-Minded People

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