Hello, I'm a random gamer on the internet that wants to get all Armor Games' Quests.

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  • SirLegendary Epic Rap Battles of Armor Games
    123 8972
    Art, Music, and Writing
    Made 2 years ago
    Wow Rap battle? Cant say I'm into this stuff, but I'll gladly watch how will you guys perform. Good luck everyone!
  • Coral42 What would you do if...
    56 3505
    Forum Games
    Made 3 years ago
    I'd probably be the smartest and most skilled, wealthy and capable man in the whole world. Also probably some scientists would kidnap and e…
  • MrDayCee [Closed][Official] Armor Games' Armatar Contest: PIRATES!! YAARRR!!!
    53 8154
    Art, Music, and Writing
    Made 3 years ago
    Just testing if it looks good
  • Saphire24 saphire's poetry and stuff
    98 22970
    Art, Music, and Writing
    Made 3 years ago
    someone find someone who makes you smile who listens when you speak who likes you for you tell someone that you like making them smile that…
  • FishPreferred How FishPreferred Are You?
    284 18226
    Forum Games
    Made 3 years ago
    Hello fellow citizens. It is I, the Random AG User. I accept your mighty challenge.Tbh I dont know if I'll reach round 2, but heck this is …
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