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Sinjid class proper details (My own opinion)

Important tips which krin didn't mention (Or atleast he didin't tell you cause he wants you to use your common sense)

*If running low on gold you can always re-visit previous areas that you encounter and sell all the opponent's drops to the store to get more gold, Not only youl gain gold but also levels and stat points thatl make yourself stronger and be prepared to face difficult bosses.

*Wearing the whole set in the store is a must to gain set bonus+ from stat points and you can get an edge on battle but beware, Wearing piece by piece from loot drops from opponents isn't efficient and be considerate of what stat that is required in your class that im about to tell you below.

*About forging, Not only weapon that you can forge but also Armors and gears which increases 10% stat points to be added in your current forge'd gear such as Head gear,Armor,Lower body and footwear.

Warriors=Easy mode for players that aims for damage and defense ,Warriors can kill their opponents within seconds, Excellent for Close quarter combat and blocking situations. but not good in recovering both focus and HP techniques in near death.(Strength and vitality are aimed to become stronger in this class)

Defeating lord takeshi (Warrior)

Assasins=Normal mode for players that aims sneaky tactics,Hit and run situations and kills opponent easily when off guard (Looking behind),
And a good healer too, But completely vulnerable when it comes to close quarter combat situations and blocking attacks. It's better to evade rather than blocking one's attack by jumping or dashing. (Stat that is needed to be aimed at to become more accurate are Intellect and Agility, Agility serves as your damage aim in this class and requires a bit of luck)

Priest: Hard mode for players, Which only uses magic and excellent in long range combat, A similar to an assasin's routine of hit and run situation, However Priests does not use brute force to face their opponents but instead using their guardians and spells, When it comes to blocking attacks and getting in to close quarter combat situations however is mere futile and its best for you to run.or use spells to keep your opponent's at bay long enough for you to escape. If you want to become more efficient in combat, you must keep your distance from the enemy and let your spells and summoning guardians do the work(Stats that are needed are intellect and agility since no gears in the shop are clear for a priest to wear, Intellect is a must since you only use magics and magic requires alot of focus)

My goodbye speech to all my friends that moved on in their future endeavors:

As you may know ive been here in AG for 5 years straight since i started registering here, alot of people hated my point of view of how i comment games and conquer ranks with pride, And this time this is all going down right here. AG was meant to be the greatest social game and network for everyone to communicate until FB' reputation gone airbourne and i decided to explore that world from within since 2009, It was one hell of a ride here in AG during my highschool days, now that i graduated from highschool and focus myself on college, It's time to move on....Everybody's gone including the moderators and my friends, This place is running by itself even though there are no people logging in here anymore.But hey that's life of being a human, nothing lasts forever in one place at a time, Including the moderators haved moved on as well for graduating in their school...Including my self.

Still showing undying support to these games the first step i came here on AG and other website games that i ever played during my childhood days.

1.Armed with wings series
2.Sinjid series
3.Sonny series
4.Ray series
6.Rise of the knight and Lord
8.Last stand series

Some developers might be rude and always act selfish for themselves but i still admire there work and masterpiece, Especially the developer of Ray even though the game isnt here on AG just moved on and saying his goodbye's in new grounds.

And im finally saying my goodbyes here on AG even though i didint capture everyone's respect and fame by submitting a game....End of Log 1/27/13

Also my vengeance of burying other people's review to get merits is still at large!

How did i get merits? i dont know i wrote disgusting reviews of games but i just got merits like magic

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