I love flash, and making love with flash. I entered a Armorgames contest a while back and ever since I decided to keep making games because it is awesome. Besides flash I enjoy graphic design, working on my websites, playing guitar, soccer, snowboarding, and living my life to the fullest

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  • Rasengone Adobe Flash CS3 compared to Macromedia Flash 8
    3 3346
    Programming Forum
    Made 12 years ago
    Well if you're a programmer there is a huge difference between them due to the fact CS3 supports Actionscript 3.0 - which I would recommend…
  • Ardwiz MovieClip playing before addChild();
    1 2114
    Programming Forum
    Made 12 years ago
    I've never really come across this problem before, but that's because I never create the new instance of the MovieClip unless I'm adding it…
  • Krizaz I got Adobe Flash. where to start?
    9 2210
    Programming Forum
    Made 12 years ago
    This is a great tutorial if you're looking to get into game development.
  • HAXALLNOOBS Flash Platfrmer Slope Detection Help
    5 4837
    Programming Forum
    Made 12 years ago
    First of all we don't know where the posted code goes. Could you set it up so that we know what code is on the keyframe, what code is on th…
  • No_Thumbs Right Click in AS3?
    6 3098
    Programming Forum
    Made 12 years ago
    Well the right click is, and has always been, built for the Context Menu, if you're looking for info on how to edit and customize the conte…
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