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  • MrTed Which is better armor mayhem or Raze
    71 14911
    Made 10 years ago
    As the author of Armor Mayhem, I have to say that both games are different in visual style and game modes. I think its useless to make comp…
  • Louissi Armor Mayhem Map editor help
    113 41768
    Made 10 years ago
    You have to make sure you have no spawnpoints that are "in" the ground, and also make sure that all waypoints are linked together. You cann…
  • UrbanGigiXD Neon Rider
    9 2216
    Made 10 years ago
    Have you tried Neon Rider World?
  • Louissi Armor Mayhem Support
    275 200832
    Made 10 years ago
    To all people with screen freeze problems, could you try logging off? I think the fact that its connecting to your account is the problem.
  • sweatbaby07 [necro] Max games V.S Armor games
    22 7749
    Made 10 years ago
    Here is a toolYou can compare armorgames stats with maxgames if you want. ArmorGames is way ahead, and with the v3, will be the best flash …
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