Catch 22
Catch 22
You can't win
You will lose
You can't quit
Catch 22

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  • Ferret Witch Hunt Quests
    43 18049
    Made 6 years ago
    Ice isn't actually as bad as others are saying (Refuting the top comment I mean). The problem is that a lot of ice's power was dependent o…
  • Ferret Dangerous Adventure Quests
    52 43736
    Made 7 years ago
    The animations for me lagged at first, but they sped up after simply refreshing the page...go figure . I thought the final adventure was g…
  • Ferret Raze 3 Quests
    143 134738
    Made 7 years ago
    True, Master Thief is quite easy. CTF quickmatch on hard with 5 allies and 1 enemy = profit . Quests are mostly just grinding, 7 unique d…
  • Ferret Egg Knight Quests
    51 31062
    Made 7 years ago
    Eggcellent appears to unlock when you get 10 Egg Knights, not 11. Not sure if that's a bug or the way the quest was intended to unlock.
  • Ferret Multishop Tycoon Quests
    36 33464
    Made 7 years ago
    For the sprint mode quests you pretty much have to take out a loan. You could start off getting your assets to 10k immediately, take a 25k…
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